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    "Where Vista Fails"

    Gee it must stink when a Microsoft fanboy like Paul Thurrott starts criticising it. I wonder if it will end up as awful as he predicts??? Guess we'll know within the next year or so.
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    Best Browser

    When fullpicture mentioned thousands of bugs, I think we all know he was referring to security-related bugs and issues. Internet Explorer itself is stable enough; it's just that it contains more holes than ten tons of swiss cheese.
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    Best Browser

    Exactly right my friend. Then after you have explained the thousands of bugs and security issues you have to detail how and why Microsoft have stuck by and promoted their own standards instead of those of W3C as adhered to by all other browsers. Then why not mention how IE killed superior...
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    Best Browser

    Wow, you want to know about all the issues associated with Internet Explorer? I think it would be much quicker for Rob to list the things he DOES like about it ;)
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    Haha, that made me laugh. As if Nvidia ensure compatibility with their chipsets out of the goodness of their heart. Their decisions, just like Microsoft's and every other company in the world, are based on money and profit, not being fair and nice. If Nvidia could get away with acting...
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    Are LCD displays reliable?

    My first LCD was a Philips 19"; it was quite nice but developed a sub-lit pixel after about 4 weeks. Depending on how bad it is you generally forget about it after a while. My current screen is a CMV 19", and I have had nightmares before I got this screen that I'm using. Suffice it to say...
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    ATI Product Stack

    Last year an independent testing organization came up with the following report. Surely ATI's drivers haven't decreased that much in quality in the 10 months since the test was done! Check out In an...
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    Wondering what you use your thumb drives for?

    You mean other than for portable data storage??? I like to hitch-hike using mine; it saves me going to all the trouble of sticking my thumb into the air. I just stick up the the thumb drive instead. I also like to grip my drive like a pistol and hold up banks with it. Lastly I'll use it...
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    ATI Product Stack

    Mate get yourself a flux capacitor, leave the late 90s, and come join us in 2006. Ever since ATI released their Catalyst suite with official monthly updates their drivers have had great performance and been extremely stable. Sure the Catalyst Control Center blows goats, but when you use...
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    How much faster are current day games / apps with a dual core?

    I don't run a dual-core CPU myself, but the thing I like is that they make your computing experience smoother. As Jakal said games themselves aren't fully optimised for dual-core just yet, but when you factor in that your antivirus and other background services can run on one core and your game...
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    Best Browser

    The only reason all sites work with it is because web developers are forced to specifically code for IE because it has such a huge user base. It is actually a pain in the arse for developers because oftentimes it follows the "Microsoft standard" and not general Web standards. So I agree with...
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    Stopping Pirated software - a new approach

    Yeah we all know Star Wars is better don't we guys :D (Holy thread derailment Batman!!!)
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    ATI Product Stack

    Overall I tend to favour ATI cards myself, but even blind Freddy can see that is simply marketing propaganda. Nvidia could do the same thing and handpick the ATI cards they wish to be compared against, the shop from where the prices must be taken, the games used to obtain the performance...
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    Good Security Related Programs

    You WERE told wrong! What's the point of buying a brand spanking new uber-fast PC and then slowing it down with the most bloated, intrusive software you can buy (and no I'm not talking about Windows XP ;)). In the 90s Nortons Antivirus was fantastic, but these days it causes more problems...
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    Best Browser

    I have read in a number of places that Opera is the fastest browser out there, so I am very tempted to give it a try. To be honest though I like the bells and whistles of Firefox - some of the extensions and themes you can download are really nice and handy. Not to mention that there are a...
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    Suggestions? Best software for Running Slow

    Are you after freeware or are you happy to spend some money? If you're after freeware to speed up your system I'd recommend TuneXP, for a basic program it does quite nicely. To clean up your system of unnecessary files including broken registry entries try EasyCleaner by Toniarts. Lastly to...
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    Man throws penis at cops

    Mine is far too heavy to throw :D Hey why is my wife laughing hysterically right about now :mad:
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    Stopping Pirated software - a new approach

    Apparently the pirate's last words as he hit the deck were "ARRRRRRRRRR"
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    Where are you from?

    Cool, make sure you get your "G'day mate" down pat and you'll have the women swooning ;) (Although it never used to work for me when I was single :D )
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    Where are you from?

    I see most of you guys are from the good ol' US. Am I the lone Aussie on these boards???