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    Voltage you run, all the time?

    My socket 939 is at a nice cool voltage of 1.3 volts. I under-voltage it to keep it cool.
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    Star Office was Sun Microsystems version of an office-like product meant to compete with Microsoft's Office. I haven't read too much about it. Sort of passed away into obscurity.
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    Corsair 2GB XMS2 PC2-6400 PRO

    There is a LIMIT to how much memory you can run in dual channel. I own a winchester core socket 939 myself and it won't run in dual channel mode with 1 GB dimms. The venice core socket 939 fixed that I think, but even then it still won't run in dual channel if the dimm sizes are too large.
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    Try emailing the idea as a suggestion to Microsoft. Maybe they will implement it in a future version of Windows.
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    Monster Rig.

    I never used a fan on my memory in all the years that I have owned a computer, and it never went bad on me.
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    A manufacturer only pays cents on the dollar to add an audio chip or cables in the box. The markup on the final retail price is not that much for onboard audio.
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    Next Best Game?

    I enjoy strategy games, but ones that have decent graphics. Not stick-figure graphics like in RoN. I play Empire Earth, the expansion, and Empire Earth II. Both RoN and Empire Earth tried to cover ages of history. Empire Earth just happens to do a much better job at it with better graphics.
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    I agree. Nvidia could behave like Microsoft and make their products purposedly incompatible with their competition, but instead they practice fair play. They keep their products compatible with their competition.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    I don't buy sony either. Only because I can't afford them. Not in my budget.
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    Best Stable and Cheap Overclock for AMD socket 939?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a comparison between the K8N Neo4 and the K8N Neo2 with a list of features they have in common and features that one or the other are missing.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    Amd k6-2, 95 mhz, laptop. Windows 3.1. It works well enough for typing.
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic audio card is what I'm using. Worth the slightly over hundred bucks that I paid for it.
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    Next Best Game?

    I hope the graphics don't suck as bad as the original Rise of Nations. My biggest complaint about the original RoN was the graphics looked like they were from the 1990s.
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    Alert Against Phishers

    Someone stole my web site's design once.
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    Gigabyte I-RAM Storage Device

    Insane to spend that much on it. Until the price comes down, I can not see anyone buying it.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    I got a cheap laptop for less then one hundred and fifty from an Ebay auction. I take it to the park with me on a sunny day, sit on the grass, and type to my hearts content.
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    How much faster are current day games / apps with a dual core?

    Dual core is definitely the future. There is a light speed limit to consider too when manufacturing chips. The light speed limit applies to chip manufacturing because the speed that electrons can flow thru wires is limited to the same speed as light. Eventually chip manufacturers will run...
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    Are LCD displays reliable?

    I purchased a BenQ 19" LCD monitor in December of 2005 and no dead pixels in the time I been using it. Pretty reliable.
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    Best Stable and Cheap Overclock for AMD socket 939?

    The MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum is one of the best overclocking motherboards. I got one :)
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    What type of cooling do you have for running it at 2.7 GHZ?