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    Future Proofing My Gaming Rig

    I suppose I fail and have never gotten it working right, but the most I've ever been able to so, regardless of the tricks I play with switches in the boot.ini, page file, etc, has always always been 4GB - video memory, which is usually 3.75GB for me, since I have a 256MB card. If you can...
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    Future Proofing My Gaming Rig

    not true, when using a 32bit OS, the top range of the memory address space is allocated to pci devices, which includes the video card. So if you have 4GB of ram and a 512MB video card, the most you can possibly see is 3.5GB, without any other pci devices. No matter what. Name me one game that...
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    Micron Releases 533MHz Chips

    seriously man. the cas7 thing weirds me out, and to top it off, ddr3 has indication of being pretty sweet... though i suppose we'll know in a month or so :p
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    Buffalo Firestix PC2-8000 on EVGA 680i

    :( time to get a new board! :D :D :D
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    Buffalo Firestix PC2-8000 on EVGA 680i

    yes, but voltage changes definitely dominate the change in heat output for ddr2. don't forget drive strengths too. increasing the drive strengths have made more of a difference for me than mhz has in the past :D :D
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    Buffalo Firestix PC2-8000 on EVGA 680i

    your Tracers must run a lot cooler than mine. at 533mhz with 1.85v, mine are bordering between very warm and almost hot to the touch. Thermal gun puts it at 47-49c after a pass or two of test5 in memtest. 600mhz at 2.1v would definitely be unsafe without a fan IMO :D But I agree, I also...
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    Lavalys Everest Ultimate Edition 3.0

    no comparison between the old version bench scores and new? :confused: :p
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    AM2 Sempron 2800+ OC'ing

    i'll be willing to bet that some of them do way more than 2.4ghz ;) on normal water :D
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    Need some help here.

    the ht link has my eye... somewhere in the bios should be an option for something called the hypertransport link or LDT link speed. should have a range of 1x to 5x or 200mhz to 1000mhz (alternately 400mhz to 2000mhz, but that's unlikely) try dropping it down to 800mhz/4x or 600mhz/3x
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    AMD 4x4 Enthusiast

    it probably needs a new chipset to be able to deal with both cpu's... but at the same time, it shouldn't, cause from what i can tell, one cpu interfaces with another one that goes to the chipset? i have a feeling the ddr thing is a typo... though it's entirely possible that the AM2's memory...
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    OCZ XTC Heatspreader

    i've found that the trim comes off easily, but the spreader itself is tough to budge
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    Cebit 2006 Preview

    on the other wide of the coin, someone's gotta do the work of uncovering all the quirks in a new platform.. sadly, that role has slowly turned to the enthusiast in recent years :rolleyes:
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    AMD's AM2 vs 939

    timings are not the sole determinant in latency you know. quick tests put 300mhz at 3-3-3 significantly faster latency than 200mhz at 2-2-2, with the cpu held constant ;)
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    OCZ XTC Heatspreader

    having hands-on experience with the XTC spreaders.. they really do seem to help. not a lot, but it's there. plus, if you really hate the gold trim, you can peel it off and repaint it black or something ;)
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    Corsair Unveils the World’s Fastest Production DDR2 and DDR1 RAM

    i wouldn't hold your breath for ddr3 ;) also, the pc4400 1gb sticks are cool, i talked to a corsair rep and they use infineon CE.. let's hope they got around the 3d stability issues that everyone else was having
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    OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 1024MB Gold Edition Dual Channel (2GB)

    how about teamgroup? ;)
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    AMD M2.. What We Know So Far

    maybe, but it won't happen right off the bat ;) also, the RATED current the socket and power subsystem has to provide is going up from what i can tell, not the actual power draw of the cpu's. big difference. the clock speed bump we saw with socketT was primarily from the new revision core...
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    AMD M2.. What We Know So Far

    "The problem is, it appears much larger than current brackets on any motherboard, which is odd because the CPU size has not changed in the least. So is this to say that the AM2 will generate that much more heat, that we will need massive new coolers to accommodate them?" the new bracket is...
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    Opty 148 has arrived...

    hmm, well, how much voltage, what's your ram running at? my question.. why not push it further? do you plan on keeping the cpu for more than 2-3 years? :D
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    SNL HGTV Parody

    you bush is way out of control! :D