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    Broadband Over Gas Lines

    A great idea, technically feasible, relitively simple, makes use of a wide spread existing infastructure, none of the interferce issues associated with BPL (broadband over powerline). The entry costs are low enough that it could become very competive with other internet/ television/ telephone...
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    Steve Irwin dead

    A sad day. He certain brought attention to many rare animals (as well as himself) and proved that eco-tourism is as economically valuable (and less damaging to wildlife/enviroment) as trophy hunting.
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    Terabyte of RAM?

    If they want to send me one for extended testing..........;) The first thing that jump out at their site was Welcome to the World of Nanomicrons and Beyond! Nanomicron? what they hell is that? Too many made up buzz words, too much hype, too few facts! I vote scam, or at best, too well...
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    Seasonic Power Angel

    My computers would be a place to start, but other items that only run intermitantly (computer room A/C, refridgerator, home entertainment center, etc) could use a power audit too. I can read a devices specs and calculate it maximum theoretical draw, but that's not what it actually uses in the...
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    Seasonic Power Angel

    Nice review, answered many of the questions I had about these. I'm definately adding this device to my "gonna' have to get one (or more) of those " list.
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    Wireless networking questions.

    Without knowing the model numbers it's hard to say if there is a model specific fix, but netgear is generally pretty good quality with decent tech support and updates issued when needed. The weaknesses with USB adapters is usually the small antenna, low power and limited positions. If you...
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    Windex sucks.

    Try snorting it. you'll run a round naked, clothed or otherwise and won't care how you look.:D
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    Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

    The extra $30 spent here will easily get you a couple sets of high capacity(2300-2600mah) NiMH batteries, a quality 1 hour charger, and some spare alkilines(just in case:eek: )at their regular prices, get on the mailing list for some INCREDIBLE deals, free...
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    USB devices.

    I'm sure it's not the USB and I doubt it's the drive, or flash portion of the player that "don't like"/have problems with extended character sets, i.e. a drive only "sees" bits, it does not care which bits you write. The computer O/S (the player IS a limited purpose computer) certainly might...
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    AMD + ATI: What could it mean for us?

    i think this is terrible news. 1}AMD burns most /all of their cash on secondry business that has a low margin,= maybe leaving them unable to fully fund the R&D and of products for either. 2} intel must either pay AMD for GPU and Chipsets, or go with Nvidia or intel only GPU's=less...
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    Razer Armadillo

    My son says "$20!! for $20 I could just tape the cord down to a rock, and $20 would buy a lot of tape!"
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    Amazon spams its customers, touts anti-Israeli views,

    No, image verification works, I just used 'bot' as a generic for a spammer pushing a political/social cause. perhaps I should have said astroturfing. either way it is unlikely shiela will return or has any actual interest in this forum other than promoting her own misguided propaganda.
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    Amazon spams its customers, touts anti-Israeli views,

    Yes, sheila19621 appears to be a propaganda bot The truth is Amazon sends out ads to customers, who have chosen to be on their mailing list for all sorts of controversially books. don't like it? get off the list or spend your dollars elsewhere. Making money is Amazon's only agenda.
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    Chipset temps way too high.

    That's a good place to start, most factory chipset coolers are installed with a small thermal pad, or at best a blob of cheap goop, doing a good cleaning and careful re- apply with quality paste can work wonders. As far as fans, there are to factors 1] getting the heat away from the heatsink...
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    NEED HELP!!!!! removing ALCAN.I

    well I don't know if that's a good idea:eek: , those instructions are 4+ months old. all the major AV sites have manual instructions (alot of steps, a lot of work) but some mention that ALCAN can also install other worms making the removal job even harder. Since ALCAN is known to spread almost...
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    NEED HELP!!!!! removing ALCAN.I

    Major geeks has some pretty good removal instructions ALCAN
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    World Cup

    What little I saw only reminded me the the sport/sportsmanship has been blown out of the game by overpaid prima donna athletes. As far as I could tell everybody lost.
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    Unrecognized Device

    Are you disconnecting by just pulling the USB cord out? or using the windows "Eject device" button? If you just pull the plug, windows wiil be confused, until you reboot
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    HyperKore complete gaming system give away!!

    WHEN I win, I think I can afford another:rolleyes: Would make a pretty sweet RAID) with the 250 as backup:)
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    Who drinks?

    I'm definatly a beer drinker, mostly prefer micro brews, lots of hops (IPA's, to hoppy reds) but day to day miller GD does the trick (got to maintain my six-pack (a day) abs:rolleyes: ) Be know to down a couple vodka/gin and tonics on a hot day if that's what they are serving.