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  1. On_Wisconsin

    Broke the 5GHz barrier...

    24 hours, nope. It might be a good idea to try before school resumes!
  2. On_Wisconsin

    Broke the 5GHz barrier...

    The temps aren't even close to breaking 60C. I'd feel more comfortable too with water, but I have yet to crash the system at 5GHz
  3. On_Wisconsin

    Broke the 5GHz barrier...

    Running at 1.4V
  4. On_Wisconsin

    Broke the 5GHz barrier...

    Ooops, I wrote "CPU" as "PU" when editing the code. My fault. The crazy thing is that I have yet to see temps above 57C under full load. With the new CPU cooler (I bought a 120mm fan off of Amazon for ~$8, free 2 day shipping so I mounted it on the CPU heatsink) I'm idling at 25C, sometimes...
  5. On_Wisconsin

    Broke the 5GHz barrier...

    Inspired by the holidays I decided to start OC'ing. With my new CPU fan and new case I was able to break the 5GHz barrier! I'm impressed...for someone who has only been OC'ing for a few weeks...and it's stable so far! Haven't seen temps beyond 60C yet!
  6. On_Wisconsin

    Intel Says 'Compute Moves to Zero' by 2020

    How exactly would you cool a processor die at ~10mm^2 with a billion transistors? Heat moves better as size -> 0. I don't think that is too concerning. The biggest problem is that as we get smaller is that the gates on transistors will need to be single molecules! It's possible by 2020, but...
  7. On_Wisconsin

    Piracy to Blame for Falling Music Sales? I Don't Think So

    Recording industry refusing to adapt to new technologies and paying the price? SHOCKING I MEAN THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED EVER
  8. On_Wisconsin

    Cities XL 2012 Review

    I still play SC3000 sometimes (Oddly enough I was in awe of the visuals of XL 2012 since I never got SC4). I found SC3000 too simple (if you turned off disasters - sorry, I don't believe the mayor should have to manually rebuild roads that disappeared after a tornado - really?) after you...
  9. On_Wisconsin

    Movies Thread!!

    Only movie I saw this summer was HP7 part 2. I barely go to the movies as it is - the most was probably 2 or 3 times a year when I lived at home. TV...I think you can guess what I spent most of my time watching from my avatar...
  10. On_Wisconsin

    USB 3.0 Could Support 100W Devices In Near-Future

    That what I was thinking....damn that's a lot of current! As it is, USB draws 500–900 mA @ 5V...would the connection be able to handle the current?
  11. On_Wisconsin

    AMD Begins Producing DDR3 Memory

    On an unrelated not, I can't believe it's been 3 years since DDR3 has been available!
  12. On_Wisconsin

    No Need for 'Snooty' Gamers, Says Carmack

    I don't play either online, so I enjoy both in their own respects. Heck I barely play online anymore - it took a friend playing Company of Heroes with me to get me off of a 2+ year hiatus of online play
  13. On_Wisconsin

    First Impressions of Google's Facebook-killer, Google+

    I'd love to give Google+ a shot. Social networking has been fairly positive, compared to the regular ol Internet where the more I find out what's on it, the more I hate it (see: Trolls, idiots, rule 34...)
  14. On_Wisconsin

    Parents Deemed Wholly Responsible for Kids Playing Violent Video Games

    Insert quote about parenting by George Carlin here
  15. On_Wisconsin

    Are You an Over-30 Gamer? Weirdo!

    It's daytime television. Need I say anything more? I will then: TV has been coming less relevant the past decade - the only TV that is worth watching now are the series that put effort into their product or sports. Everything else is mostly worthless.
  16. On_Wisconsin

    UK Store Wants to See an End to the 'Cable Con'

    Cable Con sounds like the worst convention ever :p
  17. On_Wisconsin

    40GB of Mobile Data Can Cost as Much as a House

    Oddly enough I'm on VM (in the States) and I'm getting unlimited data as a part of a $25 300min/unlimited texts plan...but nowhere near using 40GB...
  18. On_Wisconsin

    Reading through the 1965 "Moore's Law" paper...

    ...for a class about micro & nanotechnology. Crazy article beyond Moore's Law - plenty of predictions that seem to have turned out to be correct, such as: "For example, memories built of integrated electronics may be distributed throughout the machine instead of being concentrated in a...
  19. On_Wisconsin

    Lamptron FC8 Fan Controller Review

    "These capacitors are just as mysterious as the group on the other side in that there are no numbers to link them back to the manufacturer" Probably since they were simply purchased from an OEM and the company didn't assign a part number? Those caps looked familiar - very similar to the ones I...