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    Still have Pc-3200?

    In this extremely paranoid world we live in, it is not even funny to joke about stuff like that, specially if you live in the USA. All someone has to do is make a copy of your post, email it to Homeland Security, and your be rooming with some guy named Bubba soon enough. Not funny :eek:
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    My audio: Audigy ZS Reason for the choice: Onboard audio conflicts with my modem when gaming.
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    Voltage you run, all the time?

    I overclock mine to 2.6 GHz and run it at 1.6 volts. Note: I'm on watercooling, which keeps the temp. down, so I can run it at a higher volt.
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    A Typical Government Computer Manager

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if it happened to Techgage? A big mouthed government employee harrasses Techgage and you get a lot of free publicity when all is said and done?
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    Is the only reason you mod to show off?

    I modded for a practical reason here. I had an Antec solid steel case (was a very old case). It had a air holds all along the side panels. I attached 2 fans by to the air holes and now the case effectively is kept at a decent temperature, even during the summer when it gets hot.
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    Best Browser

    This thread really only discusses browsers that run under win? What is the favorite browser people use when running under linux?
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    I got a laptop as a backup. I keep a fully working copy of everything I use on a regular basis on it.
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    Good mmorpgs soon?

    Dark and Light is due to be released soon. It is a fantasy mmorpg similiar to WoW, and is suppose to have the largest size landmass in any mmorpg game. Has multiple character classes, weapons, and quests. Supports flying mounts where you can fly across the landscape and explore. You aren't...
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    Ubi to close Wolfpack Studios - fate of Shadowbane unknown

    I definitely won't notice. I never even heard of them, until I heard about them closing!
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    Coolest keyboard ever?

    I know someone who has one. They charge a lot of money for the keysets for that keyboard.
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    DVI Adapters?

    Correct it won't. The single quality will degrade due to the conversion.
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    No way to save your window contents and positions before rebooting and restore them after the reboot finishes?
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    New version of windows and 64-bit?

    Will the new version of windows have 64-bit support built-in or is it going to be packaged as a seperate version. Will microsoft release one version of the new windows as 32-bit and one version as 64-bit?
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    64-Bit Windows

    I notice alot of members here with socket 939 cpus. Any of you, using 64-bit windows?
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    What is StarOffice. I never heard of it.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    I forgot about my laser printer when I responded the first time. My most expensive computer investment at a cost of around $250. My CPU was my 2nd highest price item and it was $200.
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    Game Initiative: Advertising in Games

    Amazin how many ways companies can think of squeezing a few more dollars of profit out of a game.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    Hmmms, let me think. What is the highest price item in my computer. Must be the CPU. Paid two hundred for the cpu.
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    Dell XPS Renegade

    I wouldn't use a Dell computer, even if you payed me to use one!
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    Microsoft would still have as many bugs whether it was open or closed source due to the enormous size of the source code.