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    Jaw-Dropping: Google Lets Us Peer Into its Datacenters

    A friend of mine works at Google Belgium as a techy... He has some fun stories ;-)
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    Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Plummets Faster than the Speed of Sound

    Your teacher is right, as acceleration is a vector, not a scalar...
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    Backing Up Your Linux

    I use rsnapshot, rsync with intelligence...
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    Google Makes 'Google Fiber' Official

    If you have any understanding of the worldwide fibre network, you just smile, wave and think "Yeah, right..."
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    Miss your loved one while away?

    Why does this remind me of dildonics...
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    Is a 2880x1800 Resolution Worth Getting Excited Over?

    Like any Apple? Good to look at, not good for work... (And before you think I am just bashing, my company laptop is a MacBook Pro :()
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    Apple Releases First MacBook Pro with 'Retina' Display

    /me gets his glasses... Useless...
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    When 'Free-to-Play' Becomes a Money Game

    This reminds me of a MUD I used to play... It was a very balanced game, untill the server admin coded a way of donating money for in game overpowered items... And to make things worse, the items become even more unbalenced as more cash was dropped in... And so it became a fact that a level 1...
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    Having an issue with NAT

    MAC Spoofing?
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    Google eyeglasses

    It seems like his could be one of the few things I'd actually want...
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    Is the iPad 2 Better than the New iPad?

    Thats the way I pretty much think about all new things... /me hugs his AMD Athlon 2600+
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    An Introduction to FreeNAS - The Do-It-Yourself NAS OS

    I was more at fault then the Synology on that one ;)
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    An Introduction to FreeNAS - The Do-It-Yourself NAS OS

    They do I picked up my DS410 for 350 euro, about 2 years back... that is about as much as the build, and is a 4bay model... It packs a fairly standard Linux kernel, from which I run all my scripts. To me it is a full replacement for my home server.
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    An Introduction to FreeNAS - The Do-It-Yourself NAS OS

    I used to have server that did this (not FreeNAS, but a full blown Linux OS), but I switched to a dedicated NAS, to save power!
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    Synology DS212 NAS Server Review

    I am still a proud owner of a DS410... Set me back quite a bit, but was worth every euro! With the DSM4.0 it will be even better (Of course I am a beta tester! ;))
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    Father shoots daughter's laptop

    If I ever have a kid that can access the internet, I'm sure it is going to hate me for all the shit I can do to the connection ;)
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    Apple's iPad 3 Rumored to Launch in March

    You are kidding right?!
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    Canonical to Cease Support for Kubuntu

    <sarcasm>Yet another great decision brought to you by Canonical, creaters of the best distro around </sarcasm>
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    Apple Posts Best-Ever Quarter; $46.3B in Revenue

    Not that hard to understand if you can create a hype about stuff that is more expensive then its weight in gold...