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  1. spenstar

    Have Simpler Product Lines Lead to Apple's Success?

    You are right, to be frank I'm mac user since from last one year, I use only web in that I don't know much how to use programs well. I feel very sad about the usage of the product.
  2. spenstar

    Hilarious place names and road signs around England

    Hey, nice link, now snow falling has come down and planning to go for Crapstone ranks next week.
  3. spenstar

    Anyone using BlueTooth Headphones?

    I just got the Motorola S9 Blue tooth headset and have been unable to get my phone to play MP3's or audio through the headset. Works fine for making calls. Cingular and Motorola have been unable to help me. :p
  4. spenstar

    PCI-E 1.1 vs PCI-E 1.0 ?

    3: It is 1.1 [url=[/url] From my searching, it seems that there isn't much of a difference at all between 1.0 and 1.1. Not like 1.x vs 2.x
  5. spenstar

    Is Microsoft Rushing Windows 7?

    Honestly I don't know much yet. The GUI of this PDC version is almost identical to Vista but when you start poking around you do see some changes in the various menus - so far it seems snappier and less in your face than Vista It boots very fast but then again I have no anti-virus running as...