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  1. Matt Serrano

    Apple Releases Safari 4 Beta

    I just loaded the browser up. It seems snappy, but there are a few interface tweaks I'm not crazy about. Safari's version of "Tabs on Top" doesn't look as good as Chrome, in my opinion, but the aesthetics are a minor complaint and I'm sure they'll change before the final version. Out of all of...
  2. Matt Serrano

    Audio Archiving Guide: Part 2 - CD Ripping

    Ouch. That's a grammatical mistake I usually find myself correcting for other people, but it happens if you make a slip-up with your keyboard (muscle memory can be a pain sometimes). Even high profile sites like CNET and Engadget have made the mistake. I am fully aware of the contraction's...
  3. Matt Serrano

    Core i7 920 - $230 at Frys

    I'm not complaining..
  4. Matt Serrano

    Audio Archiving Guide: Part 1 - Music Formats

    Part two is on it's way - it's currently in the pipeline. I'm betting it'll finally be posted sometime after our CES coverage.
  5. Matt Serrano

    Core i7 920 - $230 at Frys

    Amazon now has the same processor for $269.99. Not bad, considering they don't charge tax for most states.
  6. Matt Serrano

    Core i7 920 - $230 at Frys

    (Courtesy of Slick Deals) Frys will have the Core i7 930 on sale for $230 starting Friday. Not sure if this deal is going to be available online, but it's worth checking. Move the franchise to the east coast already!
  7. Matt Serrano

    What's a good RSS reader for Windows?

    The obvious choice: Thunderbird!
  8. Matt Serrano

    Antec Three Hundred

    Anyone have any experience with this case? I'm interested in picking one up (I'm looking for a basic, no-thrills case), but my major concerns are the dust buildup and the quality of the plastic front (assuming it is plastic).
  9. Matt Serrano

    Eight People Purchased Useless "I Am Rich" iPhone Application

    From our front-page news: On August 5, an application made its way to the iTunes App Store, created by Armin Heinrich, simply titled "I Am Rich." The application did nothing - merely display a picture of a red ruby to serve as a reminder that the user could afford the $999.99 application. The...
  10. Matt Serrano

    iPhone + Transmission = awesome

    After updating to the newest release of Transmission and noticing that they added support for Clutch, I quickly got to work at a solution to access my torrents anywhere. A visit to, and a port forward later, I was in business. The cool thing about it is the iPhone-optimized...
  11. Matt Serrano

    Aurora Concept Browser Brings Internet Use to New Level

    These mockups seem silly and difficult to use. All of these tools are already available, the only new thing we're seeing here is the interface. Want to communicate? IM, Skype, Twitter, email. Want to collaborate? Google Docs, LogMeIn, Go To Meeting. Want to organize? Bookmarks, delicious.
  12. Matt Serrano

    Soul Calibur IV

    I've been thinking about picking up the game, but to be honest I was never a huge fan of the previous ones. I'm sure it's a deep fighting game, but I'm certain it'll end up on the shelf in no time.
  13. Matt Serrano

    Pioneer Develops 400GB Blu-Ray Disc

    From our front-page news: It’s been a long road for Blu-Ray. But now that the format war and the need for a completive edge is long over, one might have guessed the members of the Blu-ray Disc Association would have given up on creating a means for higher capacity discs. It looks like we were...
  14. Matt Serrano

    dBpoweramp's Batch Converter Quick to Convert Big Music Collections

    MP3 is compressing the quality, lossless isn't. Think of MP3 lossy compression as a means to save space by decreasing sound quality, while lossless compression is more akin to compressing a file with a zip archive. If you use the newest stable LAME encoder at a decent bitrate (192kbps and up, I...
  15. Matt Serrano

    Surprise: People are pissed off about Rogers iPhone plans

    In a way, I'm speechless, but I can't say I'm surprised. I remember talking to Rob a few weeks ago about Rogers' craptastic BlackBerry plans, and today, they released the details about their plans for the iPhone coming July 11. $60 for 150 minutes. Being from the U.S., I (and many, many...
  16. Matt Serrano

    Would another Wii be a hit?

    This is a question I've been pondering for a while, and I'd love to get some input on it. We all know another Nintendo console won't see the light of day for quite some time, but that leaves a forum for discussion. There's no denying that Nintendo's Wii has been a huge success for gamers and...
  17. Matt Serrano

    iPhone 3G annouced: 8GB model is $199

    Unlimited data for the 3G iPhone would cost $30 per month ($20 for the original iPhone). Just to play devil's advocate (since I'm not by any means a fan of AT&T), many people believe the quality of service to have gone up after the Cingular acquisition and AT&T rebrand. And the landline service...
  18. Matt Serrano

    iPhone 3G annouced: 8GB model is $199

    I'm about 80% certain I'm going to pick one up. I think Apple listened to a lot of complaints from the first product and really stepped up, but the capacity is the biggest drawback. With the first iPhone, you could buy a new one when a higher capacity was released and simply change SIM cards...
  19. Matt Serrano

    Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

    The Bamboo doesn't have the tracing feature that the old Graphire did, no.
  20. Matt Serrano

    Free NIN Single "Discipline"

    I first heard it yesterday. It's kind of "poppy", but I like it.