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  1. Blumen

    New toys...

    Strip off the Dell logo. :p Amazing setup though... that will only be more so with three.
  2. Blumen

    Logisys Clear Acrylic Case

    Actually... it's an ST185 GT4 RC :p I think i've seen that ST185 pic that you speak of, too... I can never decide if i like the Evo IIs or the IVs the best though... Anyways, thanks again, and i'll keep that stuff in mind for the next one. :)
  3. Blumen

    Logisys Clear Acrylic Case

    ^Thanks for the heads-up. My bedroom in that apartment was anything but warm, at any time, so i never ran into any temperatures that couldn't be taken care of by the airflow granted by that setup. I do understand what you're saying though. I DID notice the static cling with hair and fuzz on...
  4. Blumen

    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    Bring it. :D
  5. Blumen

    My first overclock!

    ^Yes, that's the good guide. :)
  6. Blumen

    My first overclock!

    Download the newest version of RivaTuner, if you haven't already got it. Open it up, and where you see Something like "256-bit NV40 (A1, 12x1x1,5vp)" with whatever memory you have, click that little tab to the right of it. The first tab on the left of the resulting window is what you want...
  7. Blumen

    decent and cheap headphones?

    Sony MDR-XD200 You can probably find them for under $30, and they're pretty decent. Good midrange, quite clear, and if you feel like really cranking them, they will jump around on your head.
  8. Blumen

    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    ACTUALLY... Believe it or not, the best possible sound solution that you can get out of a computer-based setup, is through an Nvidia SoundStorm onboard card. The SPDIF Out jack is the way to go. That's the key, because otherwise, it's not that much better than most other onboard sound...
  9. Blumen

    3D Mark 2006 first shots..

    True, although it was nice being #1 in Socket A/6800nu for a week.
  10. Blumen

    What song are you listening to?

    Finch - The Casket of Roderick Usher Next: She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
  11. Blumen

    Never buy an Acer. EVER.

    Let's do this like Brutus.
  12. Blumen

    Benchmarking High Scores

    ^Nice, you got me beat on all the cpu tests, but i haven't overclocked that yet. That's pretty weird that no HT helped you though.
  13. Blumen

    Cable through my PC?

    Avermedia has a tv tuner, albeit external that will display tv up to 1280x1024, but i'm not sure if that answers your question or not.... :/
  14. Blumen

    How hot is too hot for an Intel?

    Well, not to be a jerk, but i'm going to agree with Madmat here.... With the Mobile Bartons, the Intel Northwood cores are one of the coolest running cpus of the "modern" age. Even with stock hsf, you shouldn't be seeing more than 50c in even an average case under full load.
  15. Blumen

    Benchmarking High Scores

    SillySider and i are trading back and forth for #1 in '06 for Socket A/6800nu. My best so far, after a total of two runs is 2339. :P I'll see if i can get the link up here in a bit. I've got some more catching up to do first though. :)
  16. Blumen

    3D Mark 2006 first shots..

    This throws my computer to the dogs.... SLIDE SHOW!!!!
  17. Blumen

    Never buy an Acer. EVER.

    DS, i think you should do what we briefly talked about today.... Yank the cpu, get the right Intel board, throw my Asus v9999 GE and some decent ram on it, and let's beat the hell out of 100k.
  18. Blumen

    A+ Certification Guide

    I helped a friend out in California study for her A+, and may sound pompous, but most of it seems ridiculously easy. Maybe it was just the subject matter that she was having trouble with just happened to be stuff that i know well, but i dunno. This Windows XP stuff though.... yuck. DS is...
  19. Blumen

    Buying a new PCI-e Board Need advice

    I'll agree. Plus, when you get more money, SLI 6800GS is NASTY.
  20. Blumen

    Big Bombastic Bastich

    Man... that's a first rate job right there... Nice. Anyone else notice that that Enermax fan controller looks just like a Thermaltake Hardcano 9?