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  1. THUMPer

    Half-Life 2 - Who is still playing this timeless classic?

    I play HL2DM sometimes. Not much of the single player after beating them a couple times. Great games though!
  2. THUMPer

    SteelSeries wants you to pick its Portal 2 mousepad design

    ugh. i hate facebook integration crap
  3. THUMPer

    NVIDIA Releases Battlefield 3 Graphics Guide

    WOH WOH. NV BSing? say it aint so. Ya Ultra does NOT work on the beta.
  4. THUMPer

    I think I need a full-tower...

    corsair obsidian.
  5. THUMPer

    This is why you insure deliveries...

    someone opened it...sabotage
  6. THUMPer

    Crysis 2....

    isnt the demo DX9? and im pretty sure the game ships DX9, then they will patch it to DX 11? what kind of shit is that? Another console port. Don't waste your money on it. Also would like to point this out.... On PC demo. Awesome message
  7. THUMPer

    Stompfest LAN 2011!!

    You can count on a huge tf2 tourney. Im hoping Homefront will have lan support. But they are aslo looking to do SC2 tourney. But it is still un known what tourneys there will be until reg is open.
  8. THUMPer

    Stompfest LAN 2011!!

    Hey guys. This LAN party has been an Indiana tradition for many years. It has always been held in Indianapolis. It has come back from a 2-3 year hiatus just last year. We sold out at 200 people. This year will be 250. Tons of sponsors and swag. Tournaments are yet to be decided. But once...
  9. THUMPer

    $700-$800 first time build need suggestions

    I have win 7 Pro x64 Keys from MS. Legit working keys. If you can get a Win 7 pro I can give you a key. Thats $100 less on your complete build.
  10. THUMPer

    BC2: Heli Versus....Humvee...

    thats great! hahaha
  11. THUMPer

    AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB

    but will the 1gb version unlock to a 6970 still?
  12. THUMPer

    Antec 900 Airflow Mod

    I have modified some 900 cases. The airflow is not that bad really. The fans do push some good air. I always mounted the hard drive at the very top or at the bottom. To keep the drive internal but keep them out of the way or the air. Also upgrading to some 110 CFM fans will help too.
  13. THUMPer

    Antec 900 Airflow Mod

    ya if only antec was smart enough to do that in the first place.
  14. THUMPer

    1900 X 1200 SLI or Crossfire

    6950's can also be flashed to 6970's and overclocked a little.
  15. THUMPer

    Antec One Hundred Gaming Chassis

    The antec low end gaming chassis are all junk imo.The drive mounting is rubbish. Screws are so 5 years ago. They have a tendency to strip out and also possibly scratch the nice black paint on the inside. Why not spend and extra 10-20 bucks on a nice Lian Li Lancool series case with a better...
  16. THUMPer

    What Are You Looking Forward to Seeing from CES 2011?

    did you get a chance to go by the Thermaltake booth? I really want the Meka G1 keyboard
  17. THUMPer

    What Are You Looking Forward to Seeing from CES 2011?

    richard cracks my shit up. good times!