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  1. BlackAndy

    How to Make Your Own Cat5e Network Cable

    Wait, I actually think I got that spool for free... The first thing I did when I bought my house in 2006 was to hardwire and install network wall plates in every room. BEST THING EVER! (house tech related.) It allows for fast, stable streaming and gaming, and I keep my router and modem out of...
  2. BlackAndy

    Crazy awesome custom "case" Saw this on another forum... This is what too much time, money, and skill can create.:D Anyone seen anything like this before? -Andy
  3. BlackAndy

    StarCraft II Causing Graphics Cards to Overheat?

    Sorry for the lack of update, but...... The frame rate fix only worked for the first night, then back to the same stability issues came up.:mad: Still no real fix for this issue yet... I have tried every suggestion on both Nvidia's and Blizzard's tech forums to no avail. For the record, my...
  4. BlackAndy

    StarCraft II Causing Graphics Cards to Overheat?

    Doomsday - yep most problems seem to be on the 8600, 8800, and 260 cards... Blizzard is having users send in copies of the eventlog after the crash to see what might be causing it.. Greg - Just played for 2 straight hours (after adding the FPS lines to the variable txt) with no hiccups what so...
  5. BlackAndy

    StarCraft II Causing Graphics Cards to Overheat?

    When I get home this evening, I am going to try the "fix" from the battle net forum: "Certain screens make your hardware work pretty hard Screens that are light on detail may make your system overheat if cooling is overall insufficient. This is because the game has nothing to do so it is...
  6. BlackAndy

    StarCraft II Causing Graphics Cards to Overheat?

    Do you really think Amy will go for the "I need a new computer" line? I think the purchase of my car may have capped my spending limit for the next few months:p
  7. BlackAndy

    StarCraft II Causing Graphics Cards to Overheat?

    Sadly, I am still having the issue. I have the latest drivers, and I get about 10-15 minutes of playtime before the moniter gets no signal from the card and I have to manually shut down. That leads me to belive that it is a heat issue.Twice I have seen the BSOD and the memory dump instead of...
  8. BlackAndy

    I found my way back!!!!

    I found it in my parent's asement next to an Apple IIe from 1983(no joke)
  9. BlackAndy

    I found my way back!!!!

    Thanks guys! The wedding planning is at times overwhelming.. I wish there was still an option to elope, but most of the hard stuff is out of the way. I'm currently tring to fab up a pc case from an old '70s era HiFi amp, so I hope to have some pics up soon.
  10. BlackAndy

    Is G4 Tech TV retarded in the US as well?

    Yeah, I used to love the old Tech TV, but then they changed formats and I really lost interest, it seemed like they where trying to be more like Spike Tv... I still catch a tech related show once in a while, but mostly what I watch G4 for is Cops reruns.:p
  11. BlackAndy

    ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition Preview

    That is a sweet board! I love the packaged extras with ASUS boards, even if they are a little overkill sometimes.:D One question, is there a CMOS reset button on the I/O panel that I'm not seeing in the pictures? That has been invaluable on the Formula SE, and something I think OCers find...
  12. BlackAndy

    ASUS Eee PC's Future, Running Windows 7 a Definite

    I too hope that those dates are way off for Windows 7... nothing good can come from an early release in my opinion... I will say that I was impressed with my Eee's ease of use (I'm a Linux noob) when I first got it, and I hope they can continue to introduce more users to a non MS option for...
  13. BlackAndy

    I found my way back!!!!

    Hello all! I wanted to say hey after being away for pretty much the whole summer. I was crazy busy with work, saying "yes dear" to all of the wedding plans:rolleyes:, softball leagues, and other summer junk that I haven't been on my pc at home all that much. Hope I'm still welcome, and...
  14. BlackAndy

    Save cash? Purchase a full animal...

    The look on her face was classic when I told her that I was going to put a framed picture of the cow above the freezer...:) I am lucky she puts up with me.
  15. BlackAndy

    Modding the House

    I "heard" that TrenDNet has some pretty sweet wireless cameras that might be coming soon to a review site near you....:) I have wanted to have cameras on my house ever since I worked in asset protection/loss prevention for Kmart Corporation. We would watch people from all walks of life steal...
  16. BlackAndy

    Save cash? Purchase a full animal...

    Funny that this was posted here.... I actually talked myself into doing this earlier this week. I am trying to find a good steer now, and when I find one I will take it down to the slaughter house for processing, and around 10-14 days later I will have 600-750 pounds (273-341 kilos for Rob:D)...
  17. BlackAndy

    Whats your job?

    In addition to moonlighting as Captain Chaos... I do product tech support for the automotive industry, which means I play around until someone calls in with a problem that I solve for them as quickly as I can. I speak with 200-250 parts stores each day. The best thing about the job is that I...
  18. BlackAndy

    SilverStone ST60F 600Watt PSU

    You've got mail!:)
  19. BlackAndy

    Upgrade ideas....

    Greg, You know what I always say..."screw financial responsibility, buy it!" Is this going to be for the PC that you don't take apart all of the time, or for a new testing rig? The real question is how do you hide this from the wife?:D Did you find out if the 8800 card you have is being...
  20. BlackAndy

    Do you keep your PC overclocked?

    Haven't OC'd the new one yet, but the previous on was/is over clocked 24/7 for over 4 years....