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    Gas Prices

    I'm at about 2.70 here in Utah. I remember when gas was 89 cents per gallon. *sniff* Those were the good 'ol days.
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    Richard Simmons on Who's Line

    Without a doubt, that'd the funniest Whose Line episode I've ever seen. You can watch it over and over again, and it's still funny.
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    64-Bit Windows

    I've got a copy of Windows XP 64-bit (legal) on my shelf. I just haven't had the time to set up a bootable partition for it. I think 64-bit has promise, it's just going to take some time to catch on. Either way, the price of AMD 64s is only slightly higher to an Athlon XP system. Now and...
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    A Typical Government Computer Manager

    No doubt this will be helpful to CENT OS. The is free publicity and CENT OS is painted really good in the light.
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    Wondering what you use your thumb drives for?

    Before I got my laptop, I used it for all my school data and personal data. Now that I have a laptop, I use it far less. Usually, just to transfer files between computers.
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    Wondering what you use your thumb drives for?

    Is the second one a Dell Thumb Drive?
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    Even if Windows changed over to open source, I think it's a lost cause at this point. The only way to fix it would be a complete re-write. (Is Vista a complete re-write?) You need to have an entire team go through and document the entire code. You'd also need to have them review every...
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    Thumb Drives

    Well, I just saw this article on Digg with the 32 bit hard drive. Have a look. It makes the strongest of geeks drool. I wouldn't mind having those and putting Windows on it. 32 gig is more than enough for windows and the swap file.
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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    That's an interesting concept. But what's to keep someone from breaking the glass and ripping off a few. Obviously the one in the Airport is safe. But still, if you put one of these at a gas station in Philadelphia, there'd be nothing left.
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    Outlook Express Replacment

    I dunno. I'm a bit skeptical as well. It's going to take a lot of convincing to get me to move away from GMail and Outlook 2003. I have a PDA, what do I need Live for?
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    Where are you from?

    I'm from Pennsylvania but I now reside in Utah. Yo hablo español e falo portugues.
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    Thumb Drives

    That's where they're going eventually. You wouldn't store the entire Windows OS on an internal flash drive. Most likely, just the key core processes of the kernel. However, once they become affordable, I don't see any reason why you couldn't run the entire OS off of an 8 or 10 gig flash...
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    Thumb Drives

    Of course, no thumb drive is ever big enough. I filled up my 512 so fast. I'd get a 2GB or something, but I just got a laptop so my thumb drive doesn't need to pack as much in it.
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    Anybody going Dual Core?

    Like many others, I'm too strapped for cash to go dual core just yet. However, during my last upgrade to an Abit 64, I made sure to get a board that would eventually support X2. So, when the prices fall down far enough, I only need to change the chip. I've already flashed my board (amazingly...
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    Thumb Drives

    I use my 512 SanDisk all the time. I put my 256 SanDisk through the wash twice. After letting it dry completely, it still worked fine. I'm definately going to stick with SanDisk. :)
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    Hello, Welcome To The Forums. Have A Bit Of A Sit Down and Introduce Yourselves

    Hi, my name is Adam and it's been 3 years since I've touched Java... oh wait, that's a different meeting. Anyways, I'm 28 and my first score was an 8088 computer with the green monochrome screen. However, that wasn't enough. After that first hit, I had to have more. I then moved onto a...
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    Most Under-rated Games

    Some of the best games are the simplest. I'll add the following to the list: Age Of Empires 2: This is a game I continue to play to this day. The graphics aren't great, but no two games are never the same. The computer was never predictable (unless you set it to easiest and it just sat...
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    Coolest keyboard ever?

    I remember seeing this on I wouldn't mind having one. The possibilities are limitless. Imagine a screensaver keyboard! Have words and pictures scroll across. It's neat stuff all around.
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    Hello TECHGage!

    I don't suppose there's an official, Introduce Yourself thread? With the contest, you're going to be getting a lot more people. I didn't see one, so I thought I'd ask before I made myself know amongst the site.
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    Add another 512?

    RAM is good. But it can be overkill. Personally, I'd love to have 4 Gig of RAM in my A64 some day so I can ditch the swap file. However, even with games, you'll only see a sligh increase of performance. The main reason you'd want to beef up the ram is if you're running some intense...