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    Dell 2407 fpw

    I saw this. I have a dell 1901 FPW and im impressed with it ecspecisly (sry) at this low of a price. I think I will be getting this monitor and look forward to your review
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    Selecting a Power Supply

    So I've been thinking about buying a toughpower 750w. But then I came across the Silverstone ST75F ATX12V/ EPS12V 750W here are the links for both silverstone : thermaltake...
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    New Build

    I'm about to build another computer but when choosing the motherboard, should I wait for BTX or just go with the standard ATX. Another thing is that will BTX support the upcoming quad core cpu? ty
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    Selecting a Power Supply

    So I read your review and I think this will fit nicely in my NZXT Apollo Case. However will the Thermaltake sticker thing that says tough power be on the window side (left if you're in front of case)?
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    Selecting a Power Supply

    I need more power because 350w is just not enough. I want a PSU with 600w or more and the PSU has to have AFPC and more than 80% efficiency at full load. It must be modular too. Another thing that would be nice is blue LED's. Are there any quality PSU's that can be recommended? ty
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    Quad Core

    I'm about to upgrade my current 350w PSU and since I may be getting a quad core processor in the future, I need to know if it needs a certain watt output. Im looking at a modular kingwin mach 1 600w PSU right now. Will this be enough? ty PS Im only running one GPU so I dont need SLI or Crossfire