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    The Un-official Jokes Thread

    Wow this is my first post in a long time! "A rabi, priest, nd a monk walk into a bar. The rabbi orders a wisky, the priest orders a beer, and the monk orders a watter. I dont remember how the rest of the story goes, but your mother is a whore" 2 Men walk into a bar. One ducks while the...
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    AMD or Intel?

    Hell I have never owned a Intel. My first cuputer was one of those K5 at like 400Mhz...
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    Cheap Stereo for my PC

    I have done this with my RCA Stereo. It has a 5 disc cd changer and everything. The only thing i have to do was take the old 1 plug conector from my last speekers and splice it with a generic stereo L/R Out cable. the sound is the shit.
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    Discuss: AC Ryan Backy

    I dont think it would be that difficulty to manufacture prosses colors for those type of cases. However, if a case is that extream, most of them have a cover that its over the bays that you open up to access, from the ones that i have seen atleast. So that kinda takes care of it, but point well...
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    AMD vs. Intel

    Conclusion: AMD for games, Intel for multitasting. Cant we all just agree to dissagree?
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    Discuss: AC Ryan Backy

    I mist say its inivative, but I think I would like something that fits in one of the bays so its at the front
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    General Component Vendors --> after the conversion its still a good price and international shipping is only around $10
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    Discuss: Logisys LED VGA Cooler

    The only thing the thermal gel does, from my understanding, is it helps the heat transfer better from the GPU to the heatsink. So In reality it does not hurt, however your system might stay a couple of D's cooler if you changed it every so often.
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    Tech Time!

    Lets get posting! Things you can/will see in here: *Tutorials *Help Sites *answers to your questions GoGoGoGoGoGoGo!!! YOU make the forums! Techgage wants YOU!
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    PS2: Gran Turismo 4

    The whole GHT series is great! You have to admit that most companies would not be able to sell the same game with the same ideas, just upgraded, 4 times over! I personaly would do not have a ps2, but I might just pick one up.
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    Guild Wars

    This I think is one of those MMORPG's thats going to slip under the radar and blow us all away. Its not getting to much press, but I was involved in the 2 betas, and they kicked ass. I think its definetly going to take on WoW and L2. WHat do you think?
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    What kind of mouse do you use for gaming?

    Yea Rob, CS is my life:-) I do find find that a broblem, when it happens, But I changed my mouse sensitivity up so i can turn faster that has helped. But I find the lifting of the mouse problem also effects me on cord mice too, all opticals do that i think, so i cant wait to try this mx518...
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    What kind of mouse do you use for gaming?

    I use the mx 700 wireless from logitech, though most of the buttons arent compatable with most games. I think im going to try the new one logitech is coming out with soon, the mx530 is it?
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    List of Games You Think are Overrated.

    half Life 2 ending was obviously set up for a sequal, ohwell. Halo + 2 multiplayer is what gets me into halo.
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    AMD vs. Intel

    The problem with thease are the price. Regular folk cant afford thease things when they first come out. Except for the AMD 64, AMD's are veryfairly priced when they come out.
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    The non watercooling.

    Well, the first thing I would do is download Motherbord Monitor . This will tell you how hot your case is and also how hot your CPU is running. Depending on what you get for readouts, that determins what you need to do. If your case alows you might want...
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    Ultra Wizard w/ UV Side Panel

    I to thought this was a weird thing to have...I dont know who came up with it. Most computer desks have a spot to put the case, and its usualy only slightly bigger than the tower itself. The only thing that I can think of for the reason they did this was to be different.
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    Oh and "Spawner" Just put this site together ALL BY HIM SELF? Bah-humbug. I feal like a singers band, they never get recognition for there work...:-(
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    Flash Sticks

    Well with any computer part you buy, the more you spend the better quality your going to get. Like say you get a Seagate HD, its cona crash way before a western digital hard drive would (sorry Rob :-)) Same thing applies to Flash Drives. If you egt one of those chepo 12$ 128mb flash drives...
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    Looking for some cheap old ram.

    you know, for the ammount that you would be spending on RDRAM (200*4=800$) You could get a very capaple barebones computer that can do alot more than this computer. Heck if you already have a monitor and printer and stuff has barbones kits (Case, Motherbord, RAM, Harddrive...