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  1. alchemist_07

    Cool Case Mode: The OS/Xbox !

    Rob I totally agree with you about the wasting of the XBOX Dev Kit. However I think it was totally worth it. He kinda needed the Dev Kit in order to cram all that stuff in there. I have to hand it to him, I am impressed. :) I am more impressed with the creativity and time spent devising such...
  2. alchemist_07

    The Sleeper

    Thanks for the sound advice. I am always checking back on your progress, eager to see what you do next.
  3. alchemist_07

    The Sleeper

    Tech Daddy... I would just like to say that when I compare myself and my modding to YOU... I am a noob that is forced to bow in your presence. Keep up the amazing work man. I can not wait for more updates.