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    AMD 64 SD core

    What is the difference between Rev E and non Rev e cores. Is there really a difference? Is it going to be noticable.
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    Talking of cases

    I am using an Enlight 7237 case and am wanting to mod it for better airflow and just to make it look nicer. I wished I had pics at the moment, but may have some soon. Anyway, I have done some of the normal stuff. I cut away the front fan guard. The front bezel holes have been slightly...
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    Call of Duty 2

    I recently recieved COD2 as part of my 7800gt purchased and enjoyed the single player and multiplayer version very nicely.
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    To anybody who has had first-hand experience with the Logitech MX 518...

    The only thing that I dont like about the mouse is the logitech software. M$ explorer mouse allows you to enable program specific settings as far the the buttons are concerned. Logitechs software doesnt allow for this kinda of customization(unless I am missing something). In Ravenshield, I...
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    PC Cases

    very nice custom cases guys. I saw the one custom case by Tech daddy. Very cool case man. Do you guys remember the bright yellow hypersonic case on the cover of the September 2004 edition of CPU mag? Now thats a case I could drool over, simple lines, bright and eye catching...almost gives me...
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    got a question? need some answer.

    I have a question about the media center operating system. Does it run any different then Windows, cause that was my only problem with the setup. Not sure I would want that as my OS for such a multipurpose system
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    Windows Woes

    thanks guys for the laughs...and again I think i made a change and needed to shut down all browsers to get it to take effect. I have tried to use mozilla before, but it our clan website was displayed properly with it so I dropped it. I may try it again one day just not anytime soon. As far...
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    The next big game?

    Being a Tactical FPS fan I am waiting with baited(sp) breathe for Rainbow 6:4 Lockdown for the PC. No one else out there has really been able to make a game that plays the way R6 has and I love the sneak and peek game play as opposed to the "eun n gun" style of other FPS.
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    Starwars Battlefront

    I bought it earlier this year because one of my clanmates had bought it and really liked it. I thought it was ok, but the system I was using at the time had a real hard time trying to play it. So I just quit and went back to Raven Shield
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    what free virus scanner do you use?

    Being in the military allows me free use of Symantec corporate edition, with unlimited support. Its pretty nice and something I wished they would advertise more to persons in the military. Speaking of which, Any of you Army personnel reading this. Do a search for Computer Emergency...
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    Would you upgrade your PC for an operating system?

    Personally, I think that if some of the requirements that M$ is saying will be the standard for the new OS are crap. With that off my chest, I think that most of us will have already upgraded to something really close to what the OS is required. IF M$ does come out and say that you have to...
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    Power Supplies

    Not disagreeing with that. A cheap PSU can fry just about everything. Yet cheap ram can make your system run like crap. Buying a cheap motherboard can fry your cpu or ram or vid card. A shoddy vid card can make you wish you had spent more money on it. The likelyhood of buying a power supply...
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    Power Supplies

    Now, I wont say its the single most important, thats to say a cheap vid card is ok. Or that third rate ram is good. Or that bargin bin hard drive will serve you well. Its just like any other team, everything must be strong in order to take the punishment. You buy one cheap part and your...
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    Power Supplies

    This is more of just me talking then anything else. I have been "forum whoring" for almost ten years now, and I have noticed something in this time that many of us are guilty of when we first get into PCs. That is making the all too important mistake of building a really great system with all...
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    Windows Woes

    not real sure what I did, but once I closed out all of the IE windows then reopened them, it went away. I changed a couple of settings so I couldnt really tell you which one did it. But all is good again with my system. Thanks Rob for the idea, decided to do a scan anyway.
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    Windows Woes

    I recently reinstalled windows XP home and everything seemed to go well. But I have noticed an annoying problem. I cant right click the taskbar buttons and get the menu for minimize, maximize, alt-f4 to close. I also have to click the buttons like three or four times to get a window to reopen...
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    Benchmarking High Scores

    here are my score from screenshots sorry about size, score is 15268
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    Super Pi............Fisted

    What is Super Pi? Another benchmarking tool?
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    My new uber monster pc! Well sorta.

    where did you read he bought a mac?
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    having to force 3d performance settings

    I think the problem is that, I was using a newer driver then Riva Tuner presently supports. It lets you know when you first log on using the unsupported driver, thats its not compatible. Normally this is much of an issue, but certain things dont work, like overclocking the 3d perf settings.