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  1. P See "accord". 2 tired 2 tango is missed. Hate me forever if you like, but your talents and intelligence are needed
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    Music Sales Plummeted During Previous Decade

    At the peak, the record companies made twenty times as much off each album as the artist. Having worked in and around the business three to four decades ago, everyone made money, with enough left over for "favors" for even small town DJ's who played what they wanted. Hell even newsmen got...
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    70% of Employers Rejected Applicants Based on Online Info

    The biggest problem with "social networking" is that its so #!!%!$#!&$# boring.
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    Music Sales Plummeted During Previous Decade

    I doubt that people are listening less. Based on the number of people I see with ear buds, I would say not. It would appear, then, people are buying a lot less 'new' music. Digital storage is a more certain medium, vinyl, DVD CD's had to be replaced too often because of breakage and scratches...
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    Think your PC is dirty?

    Dirty computers? Damn, you should see some of the filth that shows up on my screen?
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    CM Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse

    Ooh, now we're getting to the real core issues facing our world. I couldn't give a fiddler's flick for left or right handed anything....I'm ambidextrous.
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    When dinosaurs ruled the internet....

    These are the seeds sewn by the late Ted Rogers. The CRTC's concept of the net is based on his concept provided to them 15 years ago as a way to expand his cable business [Roger's Cable was planning expansion into data transfer ten years earlier.] He, through political connections and...
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    Who's a sportsfan around here?

    My relationship with Vancouver Canucks is "Lucy and the football" to Charlie Brown's kicking: masochistic. Every year for the past 30 I start buying into it: Vancouver 's world famous overly-hyped coverage. And every year save two for the last 30 the season has ended with anger and...
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    Accused Domain Name Thief Faces Jail Time

    That's why enforcement and protection is almost impossible. Even though the legal profession and police have benefited from the net, they still don't completely understand it, let alone know how to approach it "Crime? Was that actually a crime?" However the second biggest challenge behind...
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    Who's a sportsfan around here?

    Sports? In Vancouver they'll pay to see someone throwing horse manure against the side of a barn. The Canuckle-leafs are worth watching but not at the prices they charge for a seat. And unless somebody lays a fee ticket for the men's gold in hockey on me, it'll be Olympic eating and sleeping...
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    Can you drink milk?

    Did the article say that conclusively or was it quoting a PHD's reaserch? All news articles need testing, often what we read as scientific fact is in reality speculation. And that is especially so in medical stories, where researchers dependent on grants need publicity to keep the money...
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    P2P Users Spend More than Non-P2P Users?

    OK, I need to show my ignorance. The only time I ever downloaded music was when a friend got me an "i-tunes" gift card. The result was extremely disappointing as many of the downloads were of such low quality they were unplayable and it seems i-tunes likes to offer up "tribute versions" under...
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    P2P Users Spend More than Non-P2P Users?

    The good, the fat & the ugly The business, especially the music business was too good. It is dying as a result of its own success, unchallenged even more than the advertising business, with the same executives in the same roles doing what everyone has always done since before Elvis, the...
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    P2P Users Spend More than Non-P2P Users?

    Copyright Issue I'm surprised no one was weighed in on the debate. While it might be a foregone conclusion in the US, the copyright issue is far from settled in Canada. There is legal question whether a copy of a music piece even can be copyrighted and whether different versions require a...
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    Canadian Cable Companies Continue to Shaft their Customers

    Cable Thieves and their Cel Phone cousins To understand the situation you need to study the relationship between the late Ted Rogers, for whom I once worked, and the Liberal Party of Canada. Rogers, a stingy visionary, practically invented the modern cable giant, and became, through...