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    x1950 worth $120 over a current x1900 (both gt)

    Just did a quick check -- if you have a x1900gt, it appears to be a faster card than the x1950gt. Going to an x1950gt is not really an upgrade in raw power. I think the only reasons to go with the x1950gt are availability or built in/easier bridge for sli application.
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    x1950 worth $120 over a current x1900 (both gt)

    off the top of my head, I doubt it is $120 better. If you have a game that is unplayable or marginal with the 1900, then investigate benchmarks for the 1950 with that game to see if it would help. I can't imagine it would turn a bad game experience into a good one, but I am not staring at the...
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    CONTEST: Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® Beta Keys!

    Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® Beta Key Please
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    Vista... sucks

    Gotta second that opinion... Walt must not have tested very many consumer Vista computers. Whether or not he's on Apple's payroll, Uncle Walt is definitely biased: "But the score was very impressive for a computer that wasn’t designed with Vista in mind." Because Vista requires changes...
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    NBC & Apple Break Up

    Amazon has the NBC content now, right? I hope the Amazon drm free music store competes well with iTunes, we'll all benefit.
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    Who enjoys Windows Vista?

    My wife and I were just discussing how few bsod's we've had at home in the last two years compared to our work computers. Vista is solid for me -- but then so is XP at home. I am still waiting for drivers for one of my peripherals, however. Amazing how much worse things can be in a...
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    Is Microsoft worried about the new iPods?

    "I can't discredit how great the new offerings look. For the first time, I'm actually considering getting an iPod in the months to come." Just wait a bit, it will wear off. Read some propaganda about the latest Samsung and Creative toys. You'll soon realize that, unless you are addicted to...
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    How much is too much for a video card?

    I have had good luck going low (~$150) and haven't really had to upgrade more often. Picked up a 1950gt earlier in the year for around $125, expect it to last two years, but if it lasts more, that is gravy. I like having less resistance when I do want to upgrade. The fact is that I can play...
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    Xp 32 vs Xp 64

    When I played BF2 on XP64 about 2 years ago, i knew I was giving up some performance in order to try the os. There were a number of benchmarks clearly demonstrating performance penalty for gaming (at least with BF2) under XP64. I don't know where they are, but they are out there. That said...