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    Micro MAchines

    Haha just saw on the main page about Micro Machines. This is my absolute favoite genesis game ever!
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    Promotion Ideas!

    Ok this forum needs some promotion ideas! We need more users, so these forums become more active! The front page of this webpage is the best I have seen. They review tons of products and keep the news updated daily. Now lets brainstorm some ideas 1. Tell your friends about TG 2. If there...
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    FX 60 Review

    that looks soooooo sweet. i want one!
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    Func sUrface1030 Archetype

    wow im stupid my bad lol
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    Func sUrface1030 Archetype not sure about australia, check some local retail online sites
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    Func sUrface1030 Archetype

    how does it compaire to the icemat? Thats what i got. Nice review :)
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    Who can explain my user text?

    1. Obliviot [0 Posts] 2. E.M.I. [50 Posts] 3. Coastermaker [100 Posts] 4. Partition Master [250 Posts] 5. Tech Monkey [500 Posts] 6. Tech Junkie [1000 Posts] 7. Master Modder [2500 Posts] 8. Locutus (l33t Borg Yo) [5000 Posts] 9. Hardw1red [7500 Posts] 10. Tech Guru [10,000 Posts] Well those...
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    What in the hell

    uhhh what will there honeymoon be?
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    Wireless Network help..

    Why not just keep it plugged into the router if its that close to it? Some wireless routers dont get a good signal really close to it.
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    IceMat 2nd Edition Black Mousepad

    i own thi, same thing, its soooo awsome.
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    Logitech Speakers (5.1)

    Those are what I have, got them last year from Fry's. They are sooooo awsome.
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    Wood Computer

    ok i tored apart the old dell case and took all the plastic off now i am left with some metal. I put the computer in the metal and I am posting off of it right now. Probably sometime this weekend I am going to go to radio shack and pick up a button of some sort, they usually have a good...
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    Wood Computer

    hmmmmm i have an old dell case that I will go and try to strip
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    Wood Computer

    Ok yesterday i decided to build a wood case to fit the computer in my specs. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought a couple pieces of wood. I just finished cutting out the two side panels for it. This case is going to be as simple as I can make it. There will be 2 fans (intake and...
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    Asking for a PSP

    Ok for christmas i am going to ask for a PSP,Since my parents just got divorced. My dad now has a beach house, with wireless internet (same with at home [moms house], so the internet connection thing will be awsome. I researched the psp and I am 100% sure that I will enjoy playing it. The last...
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    Windows Woes

    wow Robby? You talking to yourself??
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    got a question? need some answer.

    I say either go with ibuypower (check for reviews for that website to see if they are reliable), or build your own. It would be cheaper than buying the sony one and you would get better parts. I say for schooling and light gaming, maybe a -3.2 Intel or 3200+ AMD (939) -A decent mobo -160gb HD...
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    Power Supplies

    right now i have a x-connect... I hate it, the wires are stupid, I got i was in was being hyped up. I wish i got a ocz one instead. :(
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    thanksgiving was fun, one of my cousins works for google so I got to ask him stuff about that, also learned that he created GIMP, that suprised me 2. Someone (who i dont really know) taught us how to rip phone books in half, its pretty awsome!!!
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    Benchmarking High Scores

    Could you also post places to download the BenchMark?