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    Dropbox offering an additional 5GB to beta testers!

    there is no info if the extra space will be available after the beta period is over?
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    LED desk lamps

    Thanks, appreciate ur response. I'll give it a shot.
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    Weird Internet Browsing problem!

    I had installed BitDefender, but have already removed it. :rolleyes:
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    LED desk lamps

    Thanks. Would just 1 LED light suffice for a study table? I don't have any sunlight coming.
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    There Are Almost 7 Billion People - Which Number Are You?

    You were the 4,688,089,721st person cool
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    Weird Internet Browsing problem!

    I occasionally have the same trouble. A blank page. In Chrome. could you pls tell more on the sync thing? I'm lost here
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    ZipZoomFly is no more

    how about dealstobuy?
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    The loss of a Visionary: Steve Jobs Passes

    Steve was a revolutionary person who could gauge the future and think out of the box. Miss him..
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    Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C & Unix, Has Passed Away

    a big loss...for all
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    I am the luckiest sob...

    bad luck on the psu.. good that the you saved the fire..
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    The sides of the human brain

    Finally brain goes Dual-Core :p
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    The Batman Equation

    too much of Math there..
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    LED desk lamps

    I'm also in the same category. That is the biggest drawback which prevents me using LEDs. I think it may not even suffice my study/work table. Another thing is that I'm used to big -tubelights that brighten the whole space. Please share if u r comfortable using LEDs for work/study...