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    One Year Later: Logitech Performance Mouse MX

    I used Logitech mouse too. it's so durable it can last more than a year or two.
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    Reader's Rig Photo Gallery

    Nice CPU rob very neat and clean. And it has pretty awesome specs.
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    iOS vs. Android

    i have my iphone last year it's kinda boring because i cannot fully customize my phone. So i switch to android phone damn android is the best.
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    blu-ray player software and drive recommendation

    I used Power DVD before but i switch to Macgo Mac Blu-ray player. Because it's better blu ray player than power dvd.
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    How to Play Fallout 3 On Intel

    Nice tip for intel user. Did you actually try to run it?
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    Mugshot Page

    This is only what i got.
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    Movies Thread!!

    You want awesome movies this year 2016, then try to watch: Deadpool Gods of Egypt Suicide Squad The jungle book X men
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    Got my Nexus 5 hope it looks this good in 3 years.

    Nexus 5 is amazing phone and i love it. Mine still working fast it's been 3 years since i bought it.
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    Robot Dog

    Yeah it is slightly terrifying, i'm satisfied with my dog i don't need a robot dog.
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    The things I love about Windows 8

    Well not for me, I do like windows 7 than windows 8.
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    Show off your desktop!

    I see no nudity in your post. hahahahah...
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    Chromebooks - yea or nay?

    Yeah me too i don't like chromebooks, better check other good laptops
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    Need Answers RAM problems

    I have 2 RAMs one is 4GB and 2GB i want to used it on my PC my question is. It is ok to used 2 different value of RAM i mean not balance other is 4GB and 2 GB cause i read some articles that it will destroy the other RAM. Is that true or just false rumor?