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  1. sbrehm72255

    Spammer found dead

    Just my opinion. Guess I can take my dick ass somewhere eles again, bye bye.
  2. sbrehm72255

    Post Your car.

    I don't drive, the wife does that.......;) But I do still have my old 4x4 Chevy.
  3. sbrehm72255

    Missouri Floods.

    We got a bunch more rain today and some areas got baseball sized hail (2.75")................:eek: And rain (thunder storms) are forecast for the next several days. They say that its not going to be as bad (total amount) as the last round of storms.
  4. sbrehm72255

    Your favorite movie(s)?

    None come to mind right off................:eek: That I can list here anyways................;)
  5. sbrehm72255

    Mugshot Page

    There's got to be a few more members out there that own a camera.................;)
  6. sbrehm72255

    Spammer found dead

    I guess he spammed the wrong person one to many times...........:D 1 less to worry about now that he's gone................:eek:
  7. sbrehm72255

    ASUS EAH3850 Trinity - three GPUs with one card

    That's what I'm sayingdump the junk or at least give a better option..............;) I've run TT water cooling before, its about average at best, something like that is going to need much better to bring out the max performance...............:eek: But you'd more than likely be stuck with the...
  8. sbrehm72255

    Need New Ram

    Have you run any test on the ram like MemTest86+ or anyother memory test program? And your memory has a lifetime warranty, you should just get it replaced. For Windows. And if you were/are happy with the ram you...
  9. sbrehm72255

    Are SSDs Causing Notebook Defects?

    I'm not so sure about the prices going down toooo fast..............:eek:
  10. sbrehm72255

    Microsoft Serious About Punishing Gamerscore Cheaters

    Going to the psych clinic tomorrow to get a new script.........;)
  11. sbrehm72255

    Microsoft Serious About Punishing Gamerscore Cheaters

    Those types are the worst, they simply need to be shot on site .
  12. sbrehm72255

    Microsoft Serious About Punishing Gamerscore Cheaters

    Not in the least, Liers, cheaters and spammers, are all pretty much worthless in my book.
  13. sbrehm72255

    OCZ CPU Cooler Roundup

    Interesting review, it's been awhile since I actually sat and read a air cooler review. I'm really liking this direct contact of the heat pipe thing they got going on, it seems to be working for them.........;)
  14. sbrehm72255

    Microsoft Serious About Punishing Gamerscore Cheaters

    Good for MS, and I hope all the cheaters that get pissed over this have massive heart attack and die. Cheaters and spammers need to be put in a small boat and sunk to the bottom of the sea.
  15. sbrehm72255

    Apple Safari - Soon to Be Real Competition to IE and Firefox in Windows?

    Tried it twice, didn't really like it either time............;) And just read this morning about several huge security hole in it again, and Apple hasn't been the fastest in repairing these on the Windows side of the house, or their own OS for that matter.
  16. sbrehm72255

    Windows XP to Die Off at 'Some Point'

    The fact of the matter is that you can have issues with any OS, XP or Vista, the big issue is that there are many many more systems out in the real world (even many new systems) that just plain can't run Vista, plain and simple and MS knows this, that's why they extended the life of XP last time...
  17. sbrehm72255

    9800gx2 performance.

    That thing would be totally awesome if it were water cooled.............;),7436.html
  18. sbrehm72255

    ASUS EAH3850 Trinity - three GPUs with one card

    I think AMD will be chopping prices on their GPU's, just like it did on its CPU's. Its going to be a GPU price war this time around. But they need to dump that cheap water cooling and let the end user pick the option.
  19. sbrehm72255

    6-core Intel processors

    The more cores the better I say........;) . As long as there's software to take advantage of them that is...............:)
  20. sbrehm72255

    Next Build 2008

    I think his results might be in his latest 9600GT review.