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  1. nKwoel

    Win be quiet gaming PC Gear

    Anytime Rob :D
  2. nKwoel

    Win be quiet gaming PC Gear

    Hi all I have good news here. To celebrate the launch of the be quiet! case fans into the UK Gaming Computers product line up they have teamed up themselves to give away some amazing be quiet! prizes! 1st prize - Silent Wings 2 120mm Fan & Shadow Rock 2 CPU Cooler 2nd Prize - Pure Wings...
  3. nKwoel

    Merry XMast n Happy New Year

    Merry XMas n Happy New Year Merry Cristmas n Happy New Year ;)
  4. nKwoel

    Just the thing for that cold winter

    Just like Kong when wear it.
  5. nKwoel

    Mass Effect! The Prequel Trilogy!

    LOL! But I like the quotation
  6. nKwoel

    Happy Weekend are really gamefreak guys...but dont get your ass burnt... :D
  7. nKwoel

    Death by roach

    Its not worthy exchange our live with $850. Poor man!
  8. nKwoel

    Skullcandy TiTAN Earbuds

    looks comfort on ears, is sound quality good?
  9. nKwoel

    Apple and HTC enter 10-year agreement

    Hope not ended like Apple vs Samsung
  10. nKwoel

    Happy Weekend

    Hey guys, its weekend..have a nive weekend for you all :D
  11. nKwoel

    Ban lifted, Galaxy 10.1 is going back up for sale in the U.S.

    But still the Android OS base tablet/gadget will raise up against Apple, which one is the best? I think the one can fulfill our need, make easier our life is the best
  12. nKwoel

    EVGA 3D Eclipse Giveaway Ends Nov. 14

    Yup, but Im late :(
  13. nKwoel

    Black Friday Thread

    Nice info Kougar, thanks
  14. nKwoel

    Disney acquires Lucasfilm

    Lucas Film produced Sci-Fi movie but still bad in animation and Disney has great animation ever, if both of them combined into one, hope they can produce best movie in Sci-Fi or animation.