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  1. slugbug

    What to do with nearly 300+ 17" LCD monitors?

    Or local schools, etc.
  2. slugbug

    FTL for FREE! (for the 1st person to claim it)

    Claimed it, thanks!
  3. slugbug

    10 Days to live...

    I guess I won't waste my time buying Christmas presents then.
  4. slugbug

    GIGABYTE Hidden Gems contest

    The oldest board I can muster is a P35-DS3L.
  5. slugbug

    Won Another Motherboard!

    Hah, I won a a Gigabyte G1.Assassin X58 too :D
  6. slugbug

    Famous Movie Line Gets FAIL-Edited for TV

    Never seen a monkey fighting a snake or heard of an airline that only flies weekdays.
  7. slugbug

    Won Another Motherboard!

    I won a G1.Sniper from another site last month and it's a great board. I'm using a core i7 920 with it but wish I could get a deal on a 970 or 980X.
  8. slugbug

    EVGA 12th Anniversary Contest

    Zippo for me also.
  9. slugbug

    Blame Canada for this world!

    Read that in this mornings paper. Waterproof money :)
  10. slugbug

    What MP3 player do you use?

    2nd Generation iPod Nano which I won a few years ago.
  11. slugbug

    Antec To Launch KUHLER H20 920 Liquid Cooler

    Sounds more like a donut to me :)
  12. slugbug

    EVGA offering good "BStock" deals!

    Not much of a deal on the SR2 boards.
  13. slugbug

    I tripped over some money!

    A few websites in Canada had that drive advertised for as low as $45.00 a week or so ago. It turned out to be a distributor pricing error and most people had their orders cancelled. I did hear of a few people getting them though. Sadly I wasn't one of them :(
  14. slugbug

    Cooler Master Set to Launch A-L2 Water Cooling Unit

    I still have an unused Cooler Master AquaGate S1 kit in my parts cabinet.
  15. slugbug

    Want a Chrome OS Notebook? Sign Up for the Cr-48 Pilot Program

    By the way you can check here to see if one is being shipped to you:
  16. slugbug

    Won a Gigabyte P55A UD7

    That's awesome :)
  17. slugbug

    Zalman CNPS9900MAX CPU Cooler contest

    Already entered :)
  18. slugbug

    Won a Gigabyte P55A UD7

    I won a P55-UD6 from Gigabyte a few months ago and when I asked if I could exchange it for a board with SATA 3.0 and USB 3.0 they said sorry no can do. The board is still in the box waiting for me to get a CPU for it.
  19. slugbug

    Up To $500 In Razer Gear Is Up For Grabs

    So what exactly is in the L33t Pack?
  20. slugbug

    Would You Pay $30 for a New Release Movie?

    Definitely not. I'd say no more than $10.00.