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    Scanner Printer

    dude. Learn to use photoshop and resize. :P
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    SATA Hard drive and SATA CD/DVD Burner

    You love them ... because they use model numbers? :confused:
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    Is the only reason you mod to show off?

    I've only done 2 mods and both were for functionality. I don't consider flashy lights, case graphics, LCD panels, etc, to be modding so much as aftermarket parts. You can buy a Mustang and add the bling, or you can mod it by using a better engine. In the case of the latter, you're altering...
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    Show off your desktop!

    Put a pic of her on your wallpaper and casually leave it there for her to see. :p @madstork91: Litestep has some new updates. Go check the news and review the themes. OTS2 is making some nice advances.
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    Computer scares?

    I learned that lesson when working on CRTs. Not as dramatically as you did, but while in training, the dude I was with showed me how to arc the power out of the tube with a screwdriver. Impressive. He also pointed out where the power came from and why it was important to remove the 'trode from...
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    Zalman Reserator 2 Fanless Water Cooling

    One would like to think that if you're reading about a water cooling system, there's no need to see stock numbers. You should know what the stock numbers are by heart. :D Too bad there aren't water cooling options for hard drives. My raid gets really, really warm and I do all that I can to...
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    Windows Vista Gaming Performance Reports

    No bash. Youre right. EQ2 has morebloat than a Fugu. That's why processor is important for EQ 1 and 2. In all actuality, the comparison for any mmorpg should be interesting as long as everything, including connection speed, server and other variables, are accounted for. Have you thought about...
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    Windows Vista Gaming Performance Reports

    Ok, Rob, you can't do the dual core Intel without an AMD in there to kick it's ass. :cool: And who cares about that cartoon game 'WoW' anyways? It always makes me think of the CompuServe WoW project with it's dumbed down interface, the cartoony movements, the tens of thousands of children...
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    Windows Vista Version Comparison

    What's with the distinction for dual CPU in there? Why is M$ supporting or NOT supporting dual cpus based on it's OS version? XP supports it now.
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    Computer scares?

    Surge protectors are crap. They don't condition the power. All high end equipment (which in my house is the TV, the surround sound, the TiVo, my computers, everything except my blender) should have a UPS. The batteries ensure that your PC won't lose power in an outage (or you'll have enough time...
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    2,000W Power Supply anyone?

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: That's just NUTS.
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    Fan on the south bridge

    I have the same board in two PCs. My wife's was making the same whirring noise but after powering up, I carefully stuck my finger in all the fans to track down the loud sounds of a fan going bad and found it to be the chipset fan. Now, according to DFI's forum, replacing that fan will not void...
  13. K Sued for $1.65 Trillion?

    Why do I envision the RIAA as an army of lawyers dressed up like the Nazi SS?
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    Show off your desktop!

    @Madstork: I dont remember which one is in that image I posted, but my current one is an OTS2 Bar, Vitreolus [sic]. Are you using the wallpaper changer from litestep? There's a plugin for that. You know you can mod in whatever plugin you want from right? My favorite bar style no...
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    You are a Pirate!

    The booty with the locks on it mesmerizes me.
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    Computer scares?

    Get a UPS, Leecho. A power surge, spike, sag or dirty power is 15 times more likely to cause your PC to fail than a virus (assuming you have virus protection). Let me think... Scary moments... hmm... IAh, yes. I recently altered a routing configuration at work and killed access to an entire...
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    First-gen iPod Shuffle $59

    I picked up a Mini-Kart a couple months ago and I've had it on my keychain, with my keys and my handy bottle opener, since then. Works like a champ and the keys only cause a little minor scuffing. In fact, it's only scuffed the body and the exposed terminals are perfect. It's a little weird. Big...
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    ASUS Lamborghini VX1

    One wonders how you obtained the PC for testing/review? Did you purchase this? Also, I can't help but ponder how Lamborghini would allow the laptop to be sold with it's name on it and not be the uberest thing on your lap. Having said that, why isn't the screen in widescreen, and why isn't the...
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    Aurora Display

    Bah, aurora borealis. :( I was hoping for an aurora plane.
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    One red paperclip.. done

    Yeah, but he has to live in Kipling, Saskatchewan.