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  1. madstork91

    First Two Weeks with an ASUS Transformer Tablet

    I had an issue with my battery not showing a charge at all. I knew it was charged because I ran it for more than a few hours (8+) with wifi and BT turned on before it crashed. I then charged it up for a long time (8hours+) and it still read the battery as 0%. After reading a bit on the issue...
  2. madstork91

    Show off your desktop!

    Simple... to those who don't know any better.
  3. madstork91

    Tim Howard's 90-yard goal

    And that is why people from the US dont like / watch / play Soccer on a large scale... When we do, it isnt fair to the rest of the world.
  4. madstork91

    Dr Pepper pissed me off. has been dropping slightly since and is considerably down since...
  5. madstork91

    Retrode 2 Allows You to Play SNES & Genesis Games on Your PC

    something about SNES and SEGA being on the same system makes me feel... gamerually confused (Sexually-sex+gamer) But i still want one. Just dont call me Bi.
  6. madstork91

    Top gadgets of 2011 Anyone see this shows top 2011 list? Some of that shite was nice. I predict 2012 to be the year of AMOLED. What was the coolest shit you saw in 2011? What do you predict will be the top in 2012?
  7. madstork91

    End of the World

    So the end of the world... You people prepared? I am currently living in South Korea, and if i survive the fallout, i plan to go up north and give the great successor a what for/@#$% #$%^ by taking a @#$%& and @#$^%. All joking aside, have you guys seen some of the crazy tech out there for it?
  8. madstork91

    Cheating in Online Games 'Spreads Like Infections'

    Bots seems to multiply like bacteria... related?
  9. madstork91

    How long will it take this candle to burn down?

    "In the news today, local man launched a contest to guess how long a candle would burn. Sometime while he was AFK the candle was nicked over by the cat into bottle of alcohol, where the apt then burned down. Authorities say the candle burnt out in 5 min after the fire started.Forum member...
  10. madstork91

    Microsoft Bringing Hyper-V Support to Windows 8

    So you can virtualize linux from windows, but installing windows or linux after the other still fucks the formers install. And let's be honest, how many of us want to virt linux from windows instead of windows from linux? Really... I know I am still VERY new to linux, but um... wtf?
  11. madstork91

    Windows 8 Could Require Internet Access for Continued Use

    Interest and use of open source solutions to business problems is increasing. This would only require a pirate to be more knowledgeable about installing a crack (at least initially) Why would microsoft want to jeopardize their market domination by giving users a headache? I see this patent...
  12. madstork91

    Charitable build for a Christmas Angel wish

    Texans do it again ;)
  13. madstork91

    Intel Releases 'Light Peak' as 'Thunderbolt'; Offers 10Gbps Speeds

    Get ready for "thunderstruck" comments and commercials.
  14. madstork91

    This is why you insure deliveries...

    I fucking hate international shipping. Slow, too expensive, and unorganized to shit. Even non international is fucked. Tell me why a package being shipped from Austin to Dallas need to go to Nebraska first. Please. And people sometimes wonder why it takes so long...
  15. madstork91

    Tt eSPORTS BLACK Gaming Mouse Review

    The Mouse In Black Well, you wonder why I always use the BLACK, Why you never see bright colors on my back, And why does my Techgage seem to have a somber tone. Well, there's a reason for the sprees that I go on. I use the BLACK on the poor and to beat you down, Makin you the hopeless...
  16. madstork91

    Dropping Chrome 7 - switching back to the Fox

    I am in South Korea. I am running windows 7 in English, and Chrome is installed and set to English. I had to manually change the script to keep from getting Korean results for searching form the address bar. There are also some middle click things that annoy me, since I can do them in FF...
  17. madstork91

    Dark Reign

    You may be able to solve the problem by using specific themes then. (Aero vs non aero) I am sure there is a way without killing explorer. That is probably the fastest way for most people though. Topic: Im sure I saw it at one point, but like others, I was way too into the Blizzard scene at...
  18. madstork91

    Recent RIAA Case: $1.5 Million for Sharing 24 Songs

    Stop calling it pirating. It is copy right infringement. No more, no less. At no point was an act of piracy committed. They are using a word to try to conjure of a more negative image of the act, and thus get more support for their billionaire clients.
  19. madstork91

    I wonder ...

    And incumbent congressmen are always re elected... Right? You always have a choice.
  20. madstork91

    I wonder ...

    Read above... in the country with absolutely minimal anonymity, it has done NOTHING but increase fraud. And if the information was taken from a hacked site, that site is then shutdown, and sued by thousands of people. As such, they only really have about 4-5 main websites in all of Korea. This...