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  1. Altrus

    Early Videogame Buzz at E3

    Hunted: Demon Forge!
  2. Altrus

    How multi-monitor gaming can give a competitive advantage...

    I'd love a set up like this but, aside from the cost of it, I can't stand the frames in between the screens, it drives me crazy having the view split by the edges of the monitors. Now this: this looks awesome.
  3. Altrus

    Is this the largest game ever?

    Anyone know how much Dragon Age is with Awakening installed? Since it requires the original to play we can count them together right?
  4. Altrus

    Is this the largest game ever?

    Hmmm....The closest thing I have is Dragon Age Origins at 16 GB....17GB if you include the Game Files in Documents. I think its hilarious when I remember that my first computer's HDD was only 2GB.
  5. Altrus

    3d Monitor & Nvidia 3d Kit

    About the monitor; if your planing on using the monitor for something more than games like 3D movies, that monitor is not going to work. Blu-ray 3D movies, I believe, require a screen that is 1920x1080....higher resolutions may also work but I'm not sure, so you'd have to go with the Acer or...
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    Are Previews Worth Even Reading?

    I just like to look at all the pretty pictures:D
  7. Altrus

    Problem with video files....

    Ok, I found what the problem was, my card was set to NVIDIA settings instead of video player settings and I hadn't realized it.... Thanks for all the help though. ...didn't notice because all the options on the Nvidia control panel weren't visible yet apparently.....
  8. Altrus

    Problem with video files....

    Yes, ones an HDMI the others DVI, but I didn't think that something like that would only effect, flash, and videos viewed from the web are all fine also....I guess I'll try to dig out monitor doesn't use RGB....S-video cable from somewhere....where ever I might have put it...
  9. Altrus

    Problem with video files....

    So I'm having a bit of a problem with video files on my comp right now, and I can't find a solution anywhere so I'm wondering if anyone here can help. Whenever I play a video on my comp, no matter what player I use, itunes, media player classic, quicktime, window media player, etc, no matter...
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    Everyone is forgetting just how darn sexy the PS3 looks compared to the 360!
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 - GF100 Has Landed

    I wish other types of game would push graphics like Crysis did when it came out, and Farcry 2, and now Metro 2033....something besides shooters...I mean I have no qualm with these games, I also don't know anything about Metro 2033 really. But, I haven't been able to finish either of the first...
  12. Altrus

    Are Consoles Killing PC Gaming?

    Right, because eventually they're just going to be computers with really weird OSs.....
  13. Altrus

    Command & Conquer 4 Includes Internet Connection DRM

    Hmm....Shining Force, if its the game I'm thinking of then C&C4 isn't like that, its a RTT because it doesn't have enough features to be considered an RTS. Things like Economics, Resources, politics, infrastructure, etc, have all been removed, eg. all units are free, your base is one all-in-one...
  14. Altrus

    Command & Conquer 4 Includes Internet Connection DRM

    Yea its a RTT not a RTS....much to my dismay :p P.S.- RTT is Real Time Tactics Game...I've never really heard the term used too much so I thought I'd explain.
  15. Altrus

    Command & Conquer 4 Includes Internet Connection DRM

    Yea...putting in your email and password to play a single player game is a bit annoying....
  16. Altrus

    What exactly is wrong with the March?

    Ahaha....finished FFXIII!!!!!
  17. Altrus

    What exactly is wrong with the March?

    Well....20+ hours into FFXIII, I think, and got to say, Wow! Started out kinda annoying but I can't put it down now....
  18. Altrus

    Who really cares about eyefinity?

    I CARE about PhysX! Hope that answers you question. P.S.- Deciding factor in what, exactly?
  19. Altrus

    What exactly is wrong with the March?

    Oh, I'm working on FFXIII right now, the only problem is found, yesterday, that the RUSE beta was released on steam so thats going to keep me down for a day or two:p On the opposite end of the spectrum from SC2, Bioshock 2's gameplay has been greatly improved from the first game, and in my...
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    Don't Purchase Assassin's Creed 2

    Smart idea, PS3s are so much better for gaming :D ...but, they've finally done it, they've created an MMO game and striped it of the only things that made them playable, the M&Ms!!!!