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  1. Kougar

    when a pump fails ...

    It's more like Rob lives and breathes on these forums ;) I drop by once in a blue moon just to stick my head in these days alas. Sorry to hear about the pump failure, hopefully nothing else in the system was damaged. 12 years sounds about right for the lifespan of the pump though, I would be...
  2. Kougar

    FX-9370 or FX-8350....(vrm and voltage concerns...)

    Yeah, the whole point of a factory OC is so you don't have to worry or mess with anything. Ya just install it and go. Something to consider is that with the 9370 (or most any CPU), you always have the option of underclocking it should you wish. But you shouldn't have any issues running such a...
  3. Kougar

    Borderlands 2 revisited

    Yeah, there are many parts to Borderlands 2 where having a team with you would simplify things considerably. That said the first playthrough is still quite doable solo, you just can't rush headlong into everything and need to be prepared since there's nobody around to get ya back up. BD2 was...
  4. Kougar

    ASUS Introduces World's First Intel Thunderbolt 2-Certified Motherboard

    Yep, Thunderbolt offers some nice flexibility with interconnectivity with that PCIe-like capability. But it's locked in, under-utilized, and supremely over-expensive on cables while devices carrying it require their own premiums... it may catch on in the future after the costs drop to nothing...
  5. Kougar

    Digital Storm's Hydrolux cooling system

    Nice idea, but I don't care for another hybrid PCB fan controller. It's totally possible to build a system without the need for a fan controller these days, most of them generate a lot of heat anyway. Very glad to be rid of mine.
  6. Kougar

    SSD performance measurement: Best practices

    That's the wackiest idea I've heard in awhile... and something I haven't even seen on the XS forums before which is saying something! :D Sounds like a really good idea, my only concern would be that a computer will significantly heat up the water, so is an aquarium chiller designed for chilling...
  7. Kougar

    SSD performance measurement: Best practices

    Hey Psi, thanks for the find! Always interesting to read up on how others set up and perform their metric testing given there's multiple ways to go about it. Our sequential write test is identical for the first four steps of their precondition process, but after that things diverge as we are...
  8. Kougar

    The PC that would never turn off and how I saved the world

    Strange, I have no idea how that's possible either to be honest. My old X58 motherboard did that all the time after ~2 years of heavy use, not sure exactly when it started doing it. I could shut down via windows or the power button, and it would auto-restart after 5 seconds. Never figured out...
  9. Kougar

    Hot Coffee Mod

    It's not purple at all, quit looking at the tubes ;) The red dye is apparently breaking down anyway stuff was completely useless. The water is back to a clear blue color although the red left a film I'm gonna have to clean out of the reservoir, bah. And nah you misunderstand, it required ALL...
  10. Kougar

    Hot Coffee Mod

    Finally replaced my old Core i7 920 cube with a more svelte and user friendly HAF-X case. Should've taken a few photos while it was under construction and looking showroom perfect, but I did make a few quick and dirty pics of it in operation. I was originally aiming for purple liquid to...
  11. Kougar

    Motherboard upgrade!!??

    I'd definitely suggest ASRock over Biostar! The processor depends on your budget range, but you'll be wanting to invest most of the system cost into your GPU if you're a gamer!
  12. Kougar

    Who's planning to upgrade to Haswell?

    My 920 was still fine for my needs, but I really needed a new motherboard and that was the deciding factor. Was missing UEFI, USB 3, native Intel SATA 3 to name a few I'd use daily... Also my X58 board had several odd issues with it and I was tired of it drawing ~450w under load from the wall at...
  13. Kougar

    Freespace IP picked up by Interplay

    I had no idea they were still around. And that's still a lot for some IP to an older 3D space sim, so sounds like they're going to make something of it. Really hope they can make a genuine sequel to the franchise as I'd buy it. That said I'd have to see it first...
  14. Kougar

    How to Apply Thermal Paste the Kentucky Way

    I thought he was being serious... I mean, washing my GPU off worked pretty well :D Okay, I didn't exactly wash the entire thing and was careful about it, but it's a tested and proven technique! (That said, don't try it)
  15. Kougar

    My first 5 seconds with Windows Server 2012

    I had to type well over 250 characters into a command line interface just to navigate the directories, then tell LinuxMint to make a file it had just unpacked executable, then give it my credentials just to make it begin an install. Even with the yes all flag it took awhile, which is hilarious...
  16. Kougar

    ==EVGA==All Servers Event ends March 31, 2013

    EVGA's TF2 servers have gotten pretty spartan on players over the last couple years.... I think people have better odds than they realize in these regular contests! ;)
  17. Kougar

    SSD w/ Aggressive GC

    It's a bit late, but if you're still looking I would concur with Tharic's suggestion of the Corsair Neutron. Out of all the testing I've done it has one of the most aggressive background garbage collection schemes I've seen in some time. It also has very good performance... it slots in a little...
  18. Kougar

    Nvidia Titan

    For what I think... I think it's awesome. Shorter length, lower noise, and less power draw than a 690, yet significantly better performance in HPC workloads. Still waiting to see how it compares in single-precision workloads like F@H though... Clocks up to 1Ghz on air, which is impressive given...
  19. Kougar

    So... this is interesting. A $210 4TB hard drive

    It may not be a balanced sample size, but it's his personal experience and that isn't going to change the fast Madmat has had better experience with WD drives than with Seagate. And that's fine, any tech enthusiast is likely to have strong opinions based on their own unique experience. :D Just...