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  1. Envy

    Looking Back at 30 Years of Nudity in Gaming

    I believe Hot Coffee was a mod was it not? Ever since I got into the PC community I've noticed for every game I play (Mostly valve games although it's sort of hard with this piece of c*ap computer, Hint hint nudge nudge) there is always a mod with nudity.
  2. Envy

    All pop songs are 4 chords?

    Soooo epic O_O
  3. Envy

    Canadian Forces

    I know alot of you are Canadian like me so I'd like you all to watch my video tribute to the CF. :)
  4. Envy

    5770 vs 4870?

    You guys are assuming I'm buying one? haha I wish :( I was just trying to start a conversation seeing as some people are torn between the two.
  5. Envy

    Barbed condom to help prevent rapes

    Won't stop them from using the girls mouth or behind :S
  6. Envy


    Haha, I love console wars :) So I'm going to start one. First of all, I'll start by stating my opinion. The PS3. Brief summary: Made by sony. It's current price $399. Originally priced at about $499 or $599 (Can't remember). It comes with bluray capabilities and a 120gb hardrive...
  7. Envy

    Im going to drop some dough on a PC

    I thought CAD was about the same, maybe even more, then USD...
  8. Envy

    Peter plays Modern Warfare 2

    Lol, I saw this on Kotaku too. Tsk tsk...Peter bought an Xbox. Doesn't he know ANYTHING? XD
  9. Envy

    5770 vs 4870?

    I haven't really been on in a while and I've hardly posted for a while so I thought I'd start a discussion: What do you think is better? ATI Radeon HD 5770 or 4870? In my opinion, the 5770. Why? Well, because it doesn't take as much power, produces less heat, and is only about %10 less...
  10. Envy

    How good is this rig?

    Hi, there is this build on craigslist for $300 that comes with Win 7. I was wondering what you guys think it's performance would be on todays games (BC2, Metro 2033, Crysis, etc.) This is the ad: "AMD Opteron (x64) dual core (aftermarket fan on it. Can easily be overclocked to over 2.8ghz)...
  11. Envy

    Anyone in Toronto area wanna buy some games?

    Hi, I live near Toronto and I'm trying to sell some stuff DESPERATELY to fund an new computer. There are a couple $400 deals but I only have $140 right now :( If you are interested go to these links:
  12. Envy

    Hey! It's 12:07 EST who won? lol

    Hey! It's 12:07 EST who won? lol
  13. Envy

    The contest is almost done!

    lmfao. :P Sounds fun? haha Why not? :S
  14. Envy

    The contest is almost done!

    Ohhh.....I can't wait to see who won! If you guys win what are you going to use it for? I plan on lots of hardcore gaming if I do.
  15. Envy

    Are Consoles Killing PC Gaming?

    They need to pay more attention to PC and add anti-piracy code. (like with rainbow 6 vegas 2)
  16. Envy

    Where are all the Fermi haters now?

    To be honest, I don't think it's that bad. The 480 beats the 5970 in some things and it's estimated $300 cheaper.
  17. Envy

    EA has Battlefield:BC2 for $20!!

    Why couldn't you tell me this when I still had my $50 mastercard giftcard >.<
  18. Envy

    Crysis "Xtreme" Particle Chaos Mod Ups the Physics

    Looks good but a bit too over the top.
  19. Envy

    STALKER series.

    Some of you might be familar with the STALKER series. I've played them ever since Shadow Of Chernobyl came out. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play Call Of Pripyat because my comp is busted :( But anyways, Something I've noticed in EVERY one of them is they have great lighting and water...
  20. Envy

    Who really cares about eyefinity?

    Oops sorry I read that wrong. Ya, I understand a bit now. I can't believe how far GPUs and graphics have come along in such a short span of time.