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    27 days uptime

    I'm not really sure how long I've gone without rebooting my machine but I know it was 2weeks+
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    Family Guy Screenshots

    Hehe I love Stewey.
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    Wii to have free online capabilities...

    I have the DS and I have FFIV GBA game. I'm looking forward to playing FFIII for the DS when it comes out in November. FF7 was definitely my favorite. The only FF game I haven't played is X-2. I hope you'll be able to download the classic Super Nintendo RPG's such as Lufia and Breath of Fire.
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    Wii to have free online capabilities...

    I'm liking the sounds of the Wii more and more. I will definitely get the Wii shortly after release. Screw the PS3 at $600.
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    Tesla electric car...

    Where I live 100 miles could get me to wherever I needed to go possibly the next city. And yes that's a sweet looking car.
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    Ok, stop twisting my arm. I want 1 Terrabyte of ram.

    Rob was actually outside long enough to get sunburnt??? Hehe :)
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    Dell to finally use AMD

    I just recently bought a DELL laptop and I just love it. I am pleased with it. I'm not sure the exact stats on it as I am currently at work but I will update my post later.
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    Nikon Coolpix S4 6MP Digital Camera

    Beautiful pictures Rob. I might use one for a background too.
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    Richard Simmons on Who's Line

    I watch that in school and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. That was so funny.
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    Wondering what you use your thumb drives for?

    I use mine for storing documents and random stuff on it.
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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    I don't see what the major deal with the Ipod is. Is it a fad or something? I would rather just get an mp3 disc player and use cd-rw than get an iPod and have to use special software to put songs on it.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    hmm I don't remember what my parts cost for my computer but I got my entire computer for $500 in July 2004 so the parts weren't expensive.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    I am in College and our course requires us to lease a laptop so we can work on our stuff at home as well as in school. Now that I've been using one for school I enjoy using it. I could not go without one for any length of tiime. It is convenient when my desktop pc is messed up or if I am in a...
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    Best Browser

    The only time I use IE is when I need to access an ftp website like my school website requiring a log-in. I really don't believe IE can be 100% safe unless you only check email and still you have to be careful.
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    HUGE PROBLEM! needhelp asap.

    Oh you should also download and use Windows Defender (use to be Microsoft Anti-spyware). I use it and it catches quite a bit of problems that may come in through holes.
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    The many uses of Dell

    I use a Dell laptop for school. It's not TOO bad. The second video was funny. I couldn't view the fiirst one because the site was blocked on my school network.
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    A Typical Government Computer Manager

    How stupid can people be? I mean that is totally retarded.
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    Alert Against Phishers

    How often or how likely would this happen? I know there are a lot of fake emails from people pretending to be companies trying to scam money. How likely would it happen to a standard site or would it be focused toward bigger companies sites?
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    Where are you from?

    I'm from New Brunswick,Canada:D