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    Still have Pc-3200?

    Got to be joking. Microsoft does not listen to the "little people". Try to email them, and they will never even open the email, let alone read it.
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    64-Bit Windows

    Ironically the "big selling" point for AMD was the 64 bit, suprisingly nobody is using it. I'm in the same boat as the other people. I don't use it because lack of support / drivers for it. I jumped onto the 64 bit bandwagon without even thinking about using 64 bit......hehe :eek:
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    Next Best Game?

    I also loved Rise of Nations, including Thrones and Patriots. I liked the campaign game and I doubly liked the multiplayer aspect. There were Saturdays and Sundays where I got on at 1 PM and I was still playing multiplayer after midnight. Don't know why some people are complaining about...
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    Best Browser

    Have you had issues with IE in the past that made you not like it. Could you list what the issues were, so others can be aware of them?
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    New version of windows and 64-bit?

    You can only install one version at a time. I heard around the net from people, the 64bit will be geared towards businesses. You may find that most games and video cards do not support it or release drivers for it, especially if its geared ONLY for business use.
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    Dell XPS Renegade

    I never can understand people hating a company when they never tried it. I never heard of Dell until I got a summer job one year where they used Dell computers. We would call Dell on the phone when a computer would break, and Dell would send out the part immediately. Usually next day we...
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    I can't believe that a sound card is faster for your computer then onboard sound. Isn't onboard sound built directly onto the motherboard's bus. I always thought onboard sound would be faster.
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    Game Initiative: Advertising in Games

    The only game that annoyed me with advertisements was the online-section of Warcraft III. Online battlenet (the online-section of Warcraft III), they constantly flash little advertisements at the top. A little bit annoying.
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    Alert Against Phishers

    This alert system could be very useful for copyright protection. Anytime an exact copy of your homepage is made, you get alerted. You then can contact them and demand they remove the copy due to copyright infringement.
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    How much faster are current day games / apps with a dual core?

    A game needs to be designed around the concept of multitasking to get the most out of a dual core processor. There needs to be code that assigns certain tasks to the one core and certain tasks to the other core.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    I also use watercooling and I got one thing to say about it. It is a PERMANENT investment. Even though you may pay a lot, it lasts forever. You can use it again in your next computer system, then again in the next one, and again.
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    Says a lot in Nvidia's favor when their chips not only run their own cards fast but run the competitions cards faster. Personally I believe Nvidia makes the BOTH the best motherboard chipsets and best graphic cards.
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    Most Under-rated Games

    It is underrated in comparison to a game like World of Warcraft. Asheron never sold as many copies as its mmorpg competitors.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    What kind of laptop did you manage to buy for 150?
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    Are LCD displays reliable?

    I've had a CRT display for as long as I could remember. My CRT display is nice and has great color reproduction, but I believe it is getting time to switch over to a LCD. I'm concerned about LCDs and their reliability. How common is it for a LCD to develop bad pixels? How many of you...
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    I paid about $500 for a 6800 Ultra, though I probably should of just gotten a 6800 GT an overclocked it. Live and learn.....
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    Have you all seen this?

    Do not need to max it out to get a good deal of power out of it.
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    A Typical Government Computer Manager

    You can't buy publicity like this. Thanks to that fool of a government worker, they probably got millions of page hits. Ought to do them some good and maybe encourage more people to try Linux. CENT OS is one of the better Linux distributions.
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    AGEIA PhysX.. First Thoughts

    Its possible to use the graphic processor to do more then graphics. I saw an article on the net about some company that uses graphic processors to help with solving complex mathematical problems. They daisy chain hundreds of graphic processors in different machines, and use both the CPU +...
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    DDR1 and PC3200 mean the same thing. Did you mean to say DDR2?