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    Chrome Users: Which Chrome version are you running and why?

    There are 4 different release channels for Chrome: I've been using the dev version because I like testing new features (and there are some benefits with being an early adopter), the dev version is stable enough, and I don't mind filing bug reports. How about you?
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    Gentoo Linux 12.0 Live DVD Released

    I've wanted to try Gentoo since I first learned about it, but I'm afraid of what it might do to my productivity once I begin using it. See:
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    Why Hasn't Safari Achieved Chrome-like Success?

    Aw. I wrote a response, but I left and when I came back, I had been automatically logged out and my response was lost. It's too bad there isn't an automatic draft saving feature like when composing messages in Gmail. Let me see what I remember... Safari in Windows is dreadful. Apart from the...
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    Turning your iPhone into a handheld gaming device

    The iCade is very ugly. And how would it handle the iPhone and iPod Touch games which are not made for those type of controllers? I'd think the gaming experience would be worse with it, wouldn't it? Why would anyone prefer buying an iPhone and an iCade to a PS Vita?
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    Do you buy ...

    There are no good stores around here, so I usually shop Newegg unless I see better prices at amazon or some other supplier I can trust. Before, I also used ebay, but last time I checked ebay, it was worse than what I was used to. It's too risky and cumbersome to do transactions there now-a-days.
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    They must really want me to play this game...

    If only it'd be possible to play that game in an IMAX screen (just like I watched Dark Knight). Are there any other differences between the US and UK versions apart from the rating? Is that a monitor box under those games?
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    The PlayStation 3 Slim is Great, But...

    I knew Linux couldn't be installed on the Slim. I had seen some people complain about that (not here) and that's why I asked.
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    GIMP 2.8 Brings a Streamlined Interface (a la Photoshop)

    I didn't mind the previous UI, but for those who did, I used to recommend gimpshop.
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    Windows XP Usage Continues to Drop

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing those stats. You do bring up a good point too. To whoever is using Windows 3.1: Call me. I will install linux on your old computer and give you free technical support.
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    Who's a sportsfan around here?

    That must've been awesome. Not as awesome as watching the match and then celebrating, but still. Where did you guys go to? We're spreading like a virus. Since I'm new, I don't know why you like Arsenal though. Mind telling me? Yes, I have the exact same thoughts. I wonder if the U.S...
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    US ranks 28th for Internet speed

    From those three, where did you get the best speeds? And to what part of Japan did you go to? (Are you fluent in Korean and Japanese?)
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    Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter do anime

    Hulu has this clip (probably U.S. only): It's great. "This is outrageous. I have a wallet. No one with a wallet should be ever interrupted."
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    US ranks 28th for Internet speed

    Haha. I had read that article before... and I've lived in a country with laughable (or depressing) internet speeds, so I know it could be much worse, but this isn't about "oh look how much better we are compared to developing countries!" So, the U.S. telecoms better get ahead of the game or I'll...
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    Who's a sportsfan around here?

    I used to watch football (a.k.a. soccer) a while ago, but I haven't had cable in years so I'm no longer up to date. Nonetheless, whenever I do get a chance to watch a match, I do. The last one I watched was the one between Brazil and the U.S. I almost jumped of happiness when Brazil scored the...
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    The PlayStation 3 Slim is Great, But...

    We still have the PS2, so we wouldn't mind buying the PS3 Slim, especially with its new price tag. Does installing linux on the PS3 make it any better? (I like linux, but I've never installed it in any of our video game consoles.)
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    US ranks 28th for Internet speed

    There are some communities here in the U.S. that are rolling out their own fiber at affordable prices, but AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast don't look kindly upon those sort of projects... and the truth is none of those big companies has taken the initiative to make a real difference regarding this...
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    Digsby Takes Bloatware to an Entirely New Level

    Thanks for the welcome, Kougar and Rob. I also used pidgin since back when it was called gaim. -- Kougar, when did you stop using Pidgin? They've released some improvements to the MSN protocol. And I'd also suspect any issues to be on MSN's side, since as he points out, other protocols have...
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    Windows XP Usage Continues to Drop

    I use Windows XP and Windows Vista. (I'd be using Windows 7 RC if the computer I had wasn't falling into pieces.) Most of the people I know of either: 1. Tend to stick with whatever OS came with their computer. If their computer is newer, this will be Vista. If not, it can be XP or any of its...
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    Microsoft Attacks Linux at the Retail Level

    That's true. I'd add more, but I'm afraid I'd turn this into a discussion about human nature -- and that's not what this thread is about. I wonder if they will make any changes now that this has come out in the open though. If not, maybe we should make this into a meme, comparing microsoft...
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    Digsby Takes Bloatware to an Entirely New Level

    I've been using Pidgin for a while, and the protocols do work for me, and I would know since I use almost all of them: AIM, Windows Live, Gtalk, Yahoo, and IRC. I used to have ICQ too, but then I told my ICQ buddies to contact me through my AIM username instead. In addition to those protocols...