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  1. Doctor_Death

    Intel's G45 Holds Lots of Promise

    G45 I belive that our site [ nordic hardware ][ was the frist site to get our hands on the P45. It was an Asus P5Q3 Deluxe. We found it to be on par with the X48 which is more expensive. Even with a heavy load while overclocking we did not experiance any kind of overheating. The board does...
  2. Doctor_Death

    Coolit Freezone

    I sent you a message on this. I just joined today and read about your problem. I am also a reseller for coolit. Read the message i sent to you and get back to me. Thanks
  3. Doctor_Death

    I am a reseller for CoolIt and also a reviewer. Seeing as you can see some bubbles means you...

    I am a reseller for CoolIt and also a reviewer. Seeing as you can see some bubbles means you have the older version and not the new Freezone Elite. If you un-install the unit and movbe the air into the pump you can unscrew the plug and add some distilled water untill there is no more air in the...
  4. Doctor_Death

    CoolIt Freezone cooler

    Well i can just about here mine run, and it keeps my QX9650@4GHz @30c idle and 36c underload. My 12tec Boreas keeps another QX9650 also @4Ghz 26c-28c idle and 32c underload. Both of these rigs run 14-16 hours a day and i have never had a single problem. Like i said in my other post, you can buy...
  5. Doctor_Death

    CoolIt Freezone cooler

    Yeah i own their Elite and theior 12TEC Boreas. In fact i did the very 1st review of the Elite close to 6 months ago for nordic hardware. That review was done on a pre-production Elite and i am still using it on a QX9650@ 4GHz and never had a problem. Same goes for the 12TEC Boreas. I was the...
  6. Doctor_Death

    CoolIT Freezone Elite CPU Cooler

    I did the very frist review of the freezone elite for nordic hardware close to 6 months ago using a pre-production Elite and was really impressed with it.I have been using it ever since on a QX 9650@4Ghz and have never had a single problem with it. I have installed 20 of them for my customers...