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    A motherboard that slows the boot down over time?

    maybe too simple but does the system look for any other boot devices or is there a problem with another connected USB or DVD drive? Or did you change the memory check on boot? otherwise its really "strange"... :-/
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    Advice for Memory Upgrade?!

    you motherboard supports up to 32 gb so you can add another 4 GB without any problems. the cpu seems to be fast enough for now. so i think that could be a good investment.
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    Reviews on Hi-Fi 3D Technology Motherboard?

    hey guys im just new here and wanted to hear your knowledge anything about this type of Hi-Fi Motherboard. My current system is Intel® Core™ i5 LGA 1155 Processor with AMD A55 Chipset, which my Motherboard is abotu to be dead soon thats why im collecting some ideas about whats new in demand...
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    Motherboard upgrade!!??

    Hey Man! 2 of my colleagues are using this Biostar motherboard but im not sure which type of motherboard they are. so far 1 was saying its pretty cool to use well optimize as they say, audio is really the main focus. I just dont know how really good this kind of motherboard as they are quite new...