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  1. Syran

    WTS: GTX 470 w/ Water Cooling & Coolit CPU Water Cooling setups.

    I have a BNIB eVGA GTX 470 (012-P3-1470-AR), that I am selling with a Cool IT systems Omni R120 ALC with the cooling plate for a GTX 470. Both packages are still sealed, not looking to break up the set. $475 (I Might be willing to sell the OMNI without the card, but I won't sell the card without...
  2. Syran

    Syran's FS/T Thread

    Still looking.
  3. Syran

    Syran's FS/T Thread

    For Sale/Trade Asus P5B-E Rev 1.01G Intel P965 Motherboard w/ I/O Shield & Quick Connectors only - $55 shipped Asus Striker II Formula Nvidia 780i Motherboard w/ I/O Shield only, does not include any of the other accessories - $140 shipped For TRADE Only I have a brand new i7 920 still boxed...
  4. Syran

    Coolit Freezone

    I emailed them about it, no response as of yet.
  5. Syran

    Yet another "Special Edition" Veyron... the Sang Noir

    Send it to me for review, and LOTS of gas! At top speed, it empties its tank in just over 12 minutes! Insane!
  6. Syran

    Coolit Freezone

    I just got one, and I noticed air-bubbles in the coolant lines. Should I be seeing these? This is my first time playing with anything close to WC, and I just am a bit worried, since most of the WC stuff I've read says you should run it for a while to purge it of any air bubbles in the system.
  7. Syran

    Selling MSI 8600 GTS-OC

    Watch out, thats a 256MB card.
  8. Syran

    FS/T/TF: DVDs and Computer Equipment (Cleaning out the closests).

    I've just not had luck with tv tuner cards, even got an HD Homerun box, and it's already seemed to die on me. Have 2 ATI Theater 650's and a Happauge PVR-1600 that does QAM. But just never happy with the picture or quality I seem to get from it. Probably comcast's fault! (eg). Speaking of which...
  9. Syran

    FS/T/TF: DVDs and Computer Equipment (Cleaning out the closests).

    Thanks :) Now, wanna buy any of my old stuff? :)
  10. Syran

    FS/T/TF: DVDs and Computer Equipment (Cleaning out the closests).

    Heat is Heatware, which is a site run by an old trader from ArsTechnica/HardForums/Anandtech FS/T Forums that works alot like ebay rep. It's used very heavily in alot of tech trading forums; but like any rep, it's to be taken with the usual grain of salt. As for pending: Items people say they...
  11. Syran

    FS/T/TF: DVDs and Computer Equipment (Cleaning out the closests).

    The SCSI card, and both 8800s are pending.
  12. Syran

    Creative EAX vs. ASUS DS3D GX 2.0

    Actually, if anything, he's pro-asus. EAX is supposed to be about environmental effects; which would include positional audio. I remember when the old Live!s came out, you noticed positional audio a lot more out of EAX over another solution then you do today. Probably better coding on dev's...
  13. Syran

    Dell UK - XPS 720

    They might be making room for the Dell XPS 630.
  14. Syran

    nvidia 9xxx series DVi to HDMI woes

    Not really, but it was one of those "Hey Look, it's $45AR" kinda things, so I figured what the hell, I play A game that uses it at the moment, maybe there will be more since nVidia bought them 2 days later. We'll see if they just use the accelerator over nVidia hardware, or if the Ageia hardware...
  15. Syran

    nvidia 9xxx series DVi to HDMI woes

    No DVI connection on this monitor, got component, VGA, and HDMI. :( Don't have DVI->Component cables, if I wasn't getting a new monitor soon, probably owuld pick some up from monoprice.
  16. Syran

    nvidia 9xxx series DVi to HDMI woes

    eVga Forums for more information.
  17. Syran

    nvidia 9xxx series DVi to HDMI woes

    /vent I'm not sure if this is the case in HDMI to HDMI on the GX2; but it seems there may be a problem with the 9xxx series drivers (I'm trying on Vista x64) with using a DVI->HDMI adapter to hook up to your monitor. You will get overscans when attempting to run 1920x1200 resolution, and end...
  18. Syran

    D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router

    My DIR-655 died a little while ago. I still need to send it in; but, I just got a DGL-4500 in the mail today, so i'll play with that instead.
  19. Syran

    Whats your job?

    Network Administrator for a local community bank of around 30 branches.
  20. Syran


    Here are some more ideas from Computerworld. I use it for examples for those who are needing help on passwords where I work. We require 8 digits and the usual 3 of 4 (uppercase, lowercase, special symbol). Personally, I keep a 10-12 digit password with all 4 that is a combination of a...