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  1. J

    Creative X-Fi Notebook

    Replied to your PM.
  2. J

    Creative X-Fi Notebook

    Creative finally released an express card sound device for notebooks. It has optical in/out as well as true 7.1 output. They've had it up on their site for a while but I wasn't able to find it at any retailer online or offline until recently. I found it at Dell last week and went ahead and...
  3. J

    No more 3000+, 3200+

    Same OC on my 3000 with stock air. They were beautiful.
  4. J

    OCZ GameXStream 700W

    I've been running a Modstream 450 watt for a year or so and loved it. I just ordered the 600 watt version a few minutes ago in anticipation of some new hardware. Looking forward to it.
  5. J

    Who's playing with Vista?

    Something very odd I noticed was that vista took a good 1.5 minutes longer to boot when I had another drive, aside from the system drive, enabled on the computer.
  6. J

    Anyone using BlueTooth Headphones?

    That is pretty much my experience (and preference) as well. I've tried a logitech set (I think) and they were completely functional. They did lack some bass but they filled the need for wireless headphones.
  7. J

    FireFox Profile

    I had a similar problem with an extension's settings. I had to uninstall it completely from add/remove programs to fix it.
  8. J

    sound cards

    I use an Audigy 2 ZS card, you can get them at a very decent price. Not top line but very solid and an excellent quality, especially if you primarily just need it for music.