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    Home made PC ingredients....

    Well some of you may remember a post I made a few years ago that looks very similiar to this one, I was tired of buying shitty PCs pre-built from PC Stores so I asked for a breakdown of all I need seperately so I could head online and buy them. Well I got some great responses and ended up...
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    Worth it or not?

    Well unfortunately the website dosent offer anymore spec's than that. Thats all the detial they give. I'm starting to think I'd be better just buying the stuff seperately now, cause I can get MUCH better for the same price. I think an American website would be the...
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    Worth it or not?

    Ok, so I've found a website to get a ready made PC from because searching the net for the seperate pieces melts my head :( This is what I came up with. # AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+ # Windows XP Home Edition # 1024 Mb RAM Memory # 320 Gb Hard Drive # M-Format Dual Layer DVD...
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    Homebuilt PC Ingredients?

    XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB Graphics Card About £190($350) Te rest seems brilliant, I'll get on the phone to a friend and see if he can track it all down for me =D
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    List of Games You Think are Overrated.

    Halo 2 was definately overrated, £39.99 for 11 hours of shiny metal suits? Of which half of that time was spent as the very thing you where trying to kill? lol When I see games like that topping the charts and games like Star Ocean 3 get the obligatory 'Good game yea' remark, it really...
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    Good Security Related Programs

    I'm running Norton 2005 atm, but I'll be getting a new PC within the next few weeks. I was always told NAV was the best for virus scanning and Auto-Protecting, maybe I was told wrong lol.
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    Homebuilt PC Ingredients?

    Well recently while 'struggling' to play EQ2 on my abismal DELL PC I was hit with the sudden realization. I NEED a new PC, but not just any old package deal, I'm talking a real power hungry orge of a PC. So what I need help with is what to put inside this monster. I'll be starting from...