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    Anno 2070 Deluxe edition Steam won't play

    Today I've bought Anno 2070 Deluxe edition. I have played the Anno games of the past and am liking the strategy element of this game. So I bought it on Steam and I was quite eager to play. I fire it up via Steam and get the error message "this game won't play at the moment, try again later". So...
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    Katy Perry Fails at Playing Flute

    Today I've just watched this video and it's hilarious! It's quite embarrassing.
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    [email protected] 3850 AGP

    Hii all! I've downloaded the [email protected] GPU2 client for ATI to do some folding. In my family I have some folks with cancer and I figured I want to donate my spare processing power to [email protected] I am pretty new when it comes to folding. It took me about 4 hours I think to complete a WU. I'm...
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    AGP is not dead yet

    Well I figured I play a little more with my Sapphire 3850 AGP card. I had this Zalman VF700-Alcu cooler rusting there :P and I figured I remove the stock cooler and put that on. I'm amazed how crappy the stock cooler was really.. After replacing the cooling my load temps dropped around 20...
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    Google Chrome OS

    Have you guys tried it? I have found a presentation video. It sounds like a future thing :)
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    Packard Bell iXtreme i7803

    This weekend I've been looking for a nice PC for my parents and little bro. I came across this model: Packard Bell iXtreme i7803. It's plenty fast for them I have to say. It has the i7-2600 which hits 3,8Ghz in Turbo mode. If I was gonna buy a PC for myself I would build myself one, but this is...
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    As a kid I have always been interested in the Universe. I'm the kind of person that likes to up at the sky. Some like to look more down the Earth. I remember when I was about 10 years old I used to have this exercise book where I kept track about theories about discoveries about that subject...
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    Tweaking Windows 7

    Hello all, I found a handy document that can help you tweaking your OS by disabling services you don't really use. This has helped me making the OS response quicker :) You may want to leave Network list on automatic if using a pc in a network. Otherwise you won't be able to connect to other...
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    Future concept cars

    Hey all! I figured it would be fun to start a thread about future concept cars. Anything you' ve seen that has taken you breathe away ;) I might like driving this in the future haha! VW Aqua 5 concept car Or what about his.. The Minority Report Lexus concept car ;) One of my favourite...
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    First Fruityloops trance song

    I've been fiddling around a little with Fruityloops. I've created my first trance song with it.. Have any of you used this program to create music? I need some more practice LOL!
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    I've modded my 3850 agp bios

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I've decited to play around a little with my bios settings, which resulted in a nice performance gaming boost :) Below are my tuned bios settings. My card boots at 725/900. 3d speeds are set at 735/950 :) The ATI control panel had a limit of 720 Mhz for the core speed...
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    Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

    This concept car has cought my eye. It will possibly be put in production I've read for a lot of money. A light weight car with the Gallardo V10 tuned up a bit, with very low weight. 0-60 time 2.5 seconds. It totally dislike the interior though.. LOL! I hope they improve on that. Would the...
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    My old PC PSU makes an odd buzzing noise

    When my old PC that I use at home is turned off the PSU makes an odd buzzing noise. I fear that this PSU has had it's best years lol. But it still works fine and reports the right voltages just this annoying buzzing noise when the PC is turned off. Have you guys ever experienced anything like it?
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    Adjusting affinity effectively improves gaming performance

    Have you ever wondered how you can force affinity to multiple cores while gaming? Well here's the answer. I discovered that for a lot of my games (I have a dual core machine) only Core0 is used when gaming. With CPU intensive games like for instance Need for Speed Shift the Core0 was being used...
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    Sidebar gadget that I like to use

    Hello everyone. As a Windows 7 user I started using the Windows sidebar. It's nice that in Windows 7 the sidebar doesn't eat that much memory. For all my gadgets installed it only eats about 30 megs. In Vista it would eat up to 100 megs. Also when running in 3d mode the sidebar is kinda...
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    Worlds fastest production car

    Sorry Rob, LOL the Bugatti Veyron Supersport is the fastest production car now with 1200 bhp. Have a look at this Top Gear video you will be amazed!
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    Using different overclocking settings with CrystalCPUID

    Hello all, I'm using an Asus A8V deluxe board still with an X2 4200+. Yes I'm still on AGP but I got a strong AGP card, a Sapphire 3850. Anyways let's cut to the chase. I found a nice tool for using different overclocking settings in your operating system. This tool is called CrystalCPUID...
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    North Sea Jazz 2010 in Rotterdam, Holland

    Hi all, I went here North Sea Jazz was pretty cool this year, the first time I went :) I do have a wide taste of different music. Here's some of the guys that I've seen live pretty cool! Pat Metheny: Marcus Miller...