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  1. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    No, bang the box isn't something that you might find in the dark corners of the Internet. It's my new mini-ITX build, which I have to admit right off the hop, is all Rob's fault. ;) It seems longer than just to summers ago when I built another i5-based system. That one was more geared toward...
  2. Optix

    Help Needed - Windows 7 Welcome Screen

    Since my son is getting older and likes to play games on the, Nick Jr., and other sites, we thought it was time to setup a separate account for him so that we could set controls and keep him safe. That much was easy, but I'm having trouble getting the Windows 7 welcome screen to act...
  3. Optix

    Screening of English Dubbed Evangelion 3.33 @ NY Comic Con Today!

    I know that Rob says I don't strike him as the type of person who watches anime, but it's true. I'm a total junky. One series that I have loved (and hated due to the disjointed ending) for years is Neon Genesis Evangelion. I've fought with myself about watching the feature length reboot...
  4. Optix

    Jaya The Cat

    I work nights and I'm always looking for something to keep me awake, other than NOS and coffee. One night on Grooveshark I stumbled upon a cool ska/punk band called Jaya The Cat. I've been a huge ska fan, but haven't been able to find any that I've liked since back in the late 90's - early...
  5. Optix

    Happy Early St. Patty's Day!

    Looky what I stumbled upon? Sorry for the shitty pictures. Usually I use my normal camera instead of my phone since it takes less shitty pictures. Anyway, so far I don't hate it. It certainly tastes (and smells) stout-ish. The more I drink, the more I like. It's not as good as the...
  6. Optix


    ...I have them. Techgage, Borderlands 2 and the Oak Collectors Pack full of yummy Innis & Gunn. It was sold out locally, but my wife managed to get it from another town an hour and a half away and put it under the tree for me. I'll let you all know how the Winter brew is. Apparently...
  7. Optix

    Bacardi & Cola - Screw You Starsky & Hutch!

    ...not literally. JUST WATCH IT!
  8. Optix

    The Only Reason To Buy An iPhone!

  9. Optix

    Borderlands 2 Golden Keys Available 10/5 & 10/6

    Heads up, vault hunters!
  10. Optix

    Blu Ray Burner/Remote Advice Needed

    So I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a HTPC, but I was thinking that when we get our big ass wall mounted TV, DVD just won't cut it so why not throw a Blu Ray burner in it instead. I know nothing about these drives and I'm not a video-phile so there's a good chance that I won't even...
  11. Optix

    Wipeout - Where Have You Been All My Life?

    No, not the crappy Psygnosis racer, the TV show! I've spent about 2 hours today watching it on YouTube and I'm still going. It's like the 80's show Fun House and Spike's MXC had a beautiful baby! I'm familiar with the show but YouTube takes the best and crams it into a painful package. This...
  12. Optix

    New Hardware!

    ...or should I say, new footwear! With my boy going back to daycare in September I'll have some free time to get rid of what I like to call house fat. While we were ripping the house apart I was getting tons of exercise and wasn't sitting around so much, but now that we've been moved in for...
  13. Optix

    The *Official* I'm Pumped For Borderlands 2 Thread AKA Here's My Wallet, Randy!

    Yeah, I's that time again! Check out why BL2 on PC will be better than any of that silly console stuff:
  14. Optix

    Borderlands Buster - i5 Mid-Range Build Log

    Thanks to my loving wife who coughed up some father's day cash I'm finally able to pull the trigger on my next system after selling my i3 budget rig last November. For those who don't know me that well, I've been without games for far too long. *twitch, twitch* The first batch arrived...
  15. Optix

    Breaking Down & Getting A Phone...But Not By Choice!

    Yep, the day has come that I finally have to dive into the murky waters of the mobile market. My new job will require me to have a phone and of course, being the tech head that I am, the exhaustive search has begun but I think it has reached its conclusion fairly quickly with the discovery of...
  16. Optix

    Pick Me A Mobo!

    With Battlefield 3 a little over 2 months away, it's time to get this first generation i3 traded up to at least a second generation i5. I have it in my head that I want a Z68 board. I'd probably be fine with a P67 board but I like the ability to be able to fall back on the IGP if a GPU buys...
  17. Optix

    I Ascared! Thermaltake Frio GT

    Being the cooler monkey that I am I thought I would post what I meant to back when Computex was going on but ended up being tied up with a sick two year old. Before I show the cooler, keep in mind that this is a CPU cooler only. Oh, and yes, the vertical metal arm at the top right corner of...
  18. Optix

    HALP! P8P67 WS Revolution Problems!

    So our brand spankin' new CPU cooler/hard drive testing system is giving me problems and I think I've banged my head against the wall enough. When running load temperatures using OCCT's LINPACK with all settings at stock, things run flawlessly. When it comes time to overclock, the system...
  19. Optix

    English! Do You Speak It?!

    I know Rob was all giddy when (Stork?) put his own spin on the classic Pulp Fiction line, "English, [email protected]#$%! Do you speak it?!" so for him, I have this to say.
  20. Optix

    Congratulations Vancouver...'ve given your city, Canada and hockey in general a black eye for the 2nd straight time (and possibly the 3rd time - I can't find any information about when the Islanders beat the Canucks) that your team has made it to the Stanley Cup finals. Now I know, it's not everybody. The goons who...