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  1. werty316

    Cooler Master R4 Fans!

    CM R4 fans move a good amount of air without being overly loud. I recommend them.
  2. werty316

    Using a Thumb Drive to Install Windows 7

    Great article. As a side tip, you can also use UltraISO to make a Win7 bootable USB drive.
  3. werty316

    Playing your media

    I use Media Player Classic for video and Winamp for music.
  4. werty316

    Do you keep your PC overclocked?

    Yep, I keep mine overclocked 24/7.
  5. werty316

    Ouch. Totaled 2008 Viper SRT10

    LOL someone either can't drive and couldn't handle the power. Speaking of sweet cars that get wrecked, I am more saddened when one of those sweet new GTR's gets totaled :( The last one is a douzy :shock:
  6. werty316

    9800GTX Launched today. (Not and April Fools Joke)

    Too bad that is the case.
  7. werty316

    9800GTX Launched today. (Not and April Fools Joke)

    Considering the stock clocks of a 9800GTX are only 25/63/128 MHz faster than a 8800GTS G92 I am quite sure you can overclock a 8800GTS G92 to 9800GTX speeds no problem. EDIT: The 9800GTX is almost $100 more than the 8800GTS G92 at most places. I don't know about you but I wouldn't paying an...
  8. werty316

    9800GTX Launched today. (Not and April Fools Joke)

    Something like this really isn't needed considering its an OC'd(barely) 8800GTS G92.
  9. werty316

    VISTA SP1 more secure than MAC OSX 10.5.2

    That is quite amusing since OSX is suppose to be like Fort Knox and what not when it comes to being hack proof. I can tell you that work on a Mac for 8hrs/day is a pain.
  10. werty316

    Creative: Doing Little to Please Consumers

    daniel_k is a good example of what Creative needs to do, make some good Vista drivers which is one reason why I use onboard sound which I prefer more anyhow. That was a great read Rob.
  11. werty316

    Overclocking Stability Programs.

    Orthos and memtest.
  12. werty316

    Techgage Benchmark Scoring Thread

    SuperPI 1M 21.328s
  13. werty316

    Traveler forced to remove nipple ring...

    Gawe, I think I would have to gouge my eyes out and start runnin' if that were the case
  14. werty316

    Traveler forced to remove nipple ring...

    Wouldn't that be more than enough of a reason to do? :D Seriously though that issue is quite outrageous as a nipple ring won't cause harm to anyone on a flight.
  15. werty316

    OCZ or CRUCIAL Ballistix

    Ultimately I would have to go with OCZ has they have never let me down thus far however I think I would go with a nice Reaper set instead; I guess its just something with the heatpipe cooing that pulls me in..., that and the cool Reaper branding.
  16. werty316

    9800gx2 performance.

    I have a question, can I borrow it? :D
  17. werty316

    ASUS EAH3850 Trinity - three GPUs with one card

    Interesting concept and it would be neat to see how it performs if it ever hits the market. 512MB would probably be the smarter choice. A $300-400 pricetag sounds about right.
  18. werty316

    Windows XP to Die Off at 'Some Point'

    hehe, in that case I'll trade his rig for mine.
  19. werty316

    6-core Intel processors

    Forget the MHz war, let core war begin :D