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  1. Rob Williams

    Guide: Securing your forum account with two-factor authentication

    Users wanting to enhance their security on our forums can enable two-factor authentication. Doing so means that a special time-limited code will be sent to you via email or an app (eg: Google Authenticator) that will ultimately grant you access to your account. You will have the option to...
  2. Rob Williams

    Honest Company Slogans

    Don't question it, just look:
  3. Rob Williams

    NZXT teases a chassis to be unveiled next week...

    Who needs CES to launch a product? NZXT's just launched a teaser site for a chassis to be revealed next week. Should be a big one (as in coolness, not size):
  4. Rob Williams

    Mushkin's Frostbyte II heatspreader looks good

    Mushkin unveiled some new memory heatspreaders at CES, and I have to say... they look pretty good. I'm not really a fan of RAM that sticks up too far, but if I were going for aesthetics these would be a winner. What do you think?
  5. Rob Williams

    Behind the GIFs

    There's a new sub-Reddit called "Behind the GIFs" that I have to share, because it's hilarious. There premise is that someone will take a GIF that's interesting in some way, and draw a quick comic to show what happened right before the GIF took place. Here's a couple of the best ones (language...
  6. Rob Williams

    So... CES week

    From a tech perspective, CES is the biggest week of the year, and one of the busiest for us. I'm not attending the show this year, but Greg is. The rest of us will be holding the fort and posting a lot of news through the week... it's going to be exhausting, but fun. Is there anything to be...
  7. Rob Williams

    G.Skill, Sapphire, ASRock, and Enermax contest on Facebook

    I'm not sure which regions this is locked to, but it's worth entering nonetheless:
  8. Rob Williams

    TG's five game giveaway

    For the lurkers, hit-up the front page and enter our game giveaway:
  9. Rob Williams

    Your Worst Enemy: Sitting

    ERGOTECH has just posted a rather humorous blog post that covers an important subject: sitting. Dubbing it "your worst enemy", it's easy to understand where they are going with things even before you begin reading, and of course, it's designed to promote the company's recent release of the...
  10. Rob Williams

    Digital Storm's Hydrolux cooling system

    I have to say, this looks rather impressive: It's a little sad this won't be a stand-alone product, but that's not too surprising given Digital Storm's business. This has a neat feature where the internal chassis LED lighting will...
  11. Rob Williams

    Nook HD+ 9-inch tablet - $109 shipped

    This deal is not going to last long, I wouldn't imagine.$109.99-shipped/
  12. Rob Williams

    How rich do you have to be to turn down $9 million for nothing?

    As rich as Afzal Khan, I guess. He has the exclusive rights to the "F1" license plate in the UK, and he apparently prizes it quite a bit. He bought it a couple of years ago for nearly a million, and since then, it's skyrocketed in value...
  13. Rob Williams

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Man oh man, this game keeps on looking better and better. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I still have to start Witcher 2, but I'm a bit scared given once I'm in, I don't think I'll be leaving it for a while...
  14. Rob Williams

    NVIDIA announces GTA V for the PC... or does it?

    Well, this is kind of interesting. At an investors meeting last week, the presenter (likely Jensen) name-dropped Grand Theft Auto V as games that people are looking forward to playing this season. Obviously, NVIDIA is not in any consoles, so this means that the game was for the PC. The...
  15. Rob Williams

    Google Glass fixes the wandering eye problem

    Finally, a reason to get Glass.
  16. Rob Williams

    When you're last place in a race, just defy gravity

    This is NUTS. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. Rob Williams

    You like your keyboard? I like mine smore

    Pun intended.
  18. Rob Williams

    Here's what it looks like when you have enough money to buy anything on Steam

    I thought 50 was the maximum "level" on Steam... but no:
  19. Rob Williams

    Model S license plate

    I wish I could go back in time, afford a Model S, and then use this license plate.
  20. Rob Williams


    I haven't been looking forward to a movie so much in... well, possibly ever.