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  1. sbrehm72255

    ASUS EAH3850 Trinity - three GPUs with one card

    This thing might be a single card solution for those of you looking to up your performance a little................;) I'd give one of these a run if I could.............:eek: The water cooling quality is a bit questionable though, sort of looks like a TT unit, but easy enough to connect to my...
  2. sbrehm72255

    More Quad-core, Tri-core Phenoms Roadmapped

    Still nothing with over the top performance though, seems like 2.6 is all that AMD is still able to get out of these things.
  3. sbrehm72255

    Engineers Develop Solid-state Fan

    Maybe this new tech will help keep some of these hot running chips in portable electronics in the future.................:eek:
  4. sbrehm72255

    ATI cuts prices on the 3850 and 3870

    Rumor control at its best...................:eek: This again is from the Inquirer, so take it for what its worth department............:D But anyways, if its true there might just be another price war starting like what went on with AMD and Intel, we can only hope so.................:o...
  5. sbrehm72255

    Missouri Floods.

    Well, I don't know if you all have been following the weather news the last couple of days, but we here in Missouri just finished up with 3 days of constant heavy rains with a total of 6" or more (more in other areas) in the area where I live. We have several of the largest rivers in the US...
  6. sbrehm72255

    Advice requested.......

    OK............I've got this random HD issue with my main drive (Windows install). My main storage drive and Windows OS is on a WD 250 SE16 SATAII and here lately I've been getting random read errors during hot and cold boot and then this morning it started doing it during normal usage. I've...
  7. sbrehm72255

    Memtest86+ LAST VERSION : 2.01

    For all you OC'ers out there that like to ensure that their memory OC is stable and not throwing random errors, MemTest has a new updated version out to fix a few bugs, speed things up a little and to support most of the new/current chip sets and memory types.
  8. sbrehm72255

    Win an Award-Winning ASUS EN8800GTS TOP SLI-Ready Graphics Card

    Enter for your chance to win a new Asus 8800GTS video card. Sorry, I forgot the link the first time..................:eek:
  9. sbrehm72255

    Yorkfield Processors to Start Selling Next Week.

    Seems that Intel is going to start shipping the Quads next week if this story holds true.
  10. sbrehm72255

    Unreal Tournament 3 v1.2 Patch

    If you're a UT3 player like myself, you might want to get the patch, it really did improve game play overall...............;);9678246;/fileinfo.html...
  11. sbrehm72255

    FREE UPGRADE PROGRAM For Swiftech S775 Backplate

    If you are a owner of a Swiftech APOGEE GT/GTX S775 CPU water block and are in need of a backplate mounting bracket, you better get on the ball and get your free upgrade from Swiftech while there's still time left, mine should be here shortly. Quote: 6-20-07 The socket 775 motherboard...
  12. sbrehm72255

    Daewoo Develops Working Holographic Storage Device

    How about this new high-end drive...........:eek: "Whether we see them or not, holographic storage devices are here Daewoo Electronics has been quietly working on and it looks like they have completed the first working model of holographic storage device. Byoungbok Kang of Daewoo...
  13. sbrehm72255

    No SLI for Conroe...

    I saw this over at Extreme Overclocking this evening and found it a bit strange. So if you're thinking about getting a new Intel Conroe and want to run a SLi setup, you might want to rethink it again. At least for now anyway till something changes. "Well, not Nvidia SLI anyway. As reported...
  14. sbrehm72255

    Where are you from?

    Just to get to know everyone a bit more and to see where folks come from, how about showing us where you're from. I.m from way out in the country of Missouri, closest town is 12 miles away and the nearest shopping mall is something like 60 miles from the house. Here's a pic of my house that I...
  15. sbrehm72255

    Extra 120mm front fan.

    Here's another cooling idea I did for my Cooler Master rig to help with the airflow inside the case. With the fron of the case being 100% mesh, this really helped out alot with air flow around the ram/CPU area as I'm water cooling and without the CPU fan, a little extra air flow helps keep the...
  16. sbrehm72255

    Custom Ram cooler.

    Here a few pics of a custom ram cooler I made to keep my OCZ BH5 ram cool when I start cranking up the volts ...............:D Under stock settings the ram does just fine with normal air flow, but when you put high voltage to them (above 3.2) they can use all the cooling they can get.
  17. sbrehm72255

    My other Rig.

    Seeing as this is also a cooling thread, I'd just like to get a idea of how many of you are cooling with water? And if you'd like, please post a pic of your rig, modded or not, doesn't matter..........:D My main rig is posted in the modding thread, but here a few pics of another water cooled...
  18. sbrehm72255

    Monster Rig.

    Here's my main rig............:D You can tell from the name that it's a biggin.............:eek: