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  1. THUMPer

    Stompfest LAN 2011!!

    Hey guys. This LAN party has been an Indiana tradition for many years. It has always been held in Indianapolis. It has come back from a 2-3 year hiatus just last year. We sold out at 200 people. This year will be 250. Tons of sponsors and swag. Tournaments are yet to be decided. But once...
  2. THUMPer

    FS: Asus P5b Deluxe, 2GB RAM, Mini ITX mobo I have an ASUS P5B Deluxe and Some Kingston memory. Selling as a bundle $200. I have original boxes for everything. Will ship! I also have a...
  3. THUMPer

    FS: DDR3 Not opened! $200
  4. THUMPer

    WTB: ATI 2900 pro or xt

    Need a 2900 pro or XT. a 512MB model if you can.
  5. THUMPer

    Worse performance on an overclock?

    Hey guys, Just installed my E8400. Took it for a drive in cod4, expected results ensued. overclocked to 3.6 got about 30 fps. at 3.0 my ram is 833Mhz at 3.6 my ram is 800Mhz a 1:1 i get a solid 125 FPS(locked) in cod4 at stock speeds, and get about 30 at overclock. What in the hell is...
  6. THUMPer

    When is it right to sell reviewed hardware.

    So this came up on another forum. When is it right to sell hardware you have reviewed? And at what cost do you sell that hardware? Should you sell it for retail cost for your own gain? Or try and help someone out and sell it for what the shipping is worth? I know the company has "given"...
  7. THUMPer

    Happy Birthday Mr. DarkSynergy!

    Happy Birthday Greg!! TG4L!!! :techgage::techgage::techgage::techgage:
  8. THUMPer

    My Nintendo PC

    Nothing great, but I think its cool big pics :) This is the Pico PSU. It is 80 Watts. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. The front original buttons and LED are all functional. The board is a 1GHz, with 512 of DDR I plan to enter this is the "Case Mod Contest" at the next Asylum...
  9. THUMPer

    WTB PSU!

    Im looking for a 24pin PSU with 8 PIN cpu power. Im building a dual socket xeon server. I want to avoid anything above $75. I am sure some of you guys have some good ones laying around!
  10. THUMPer

    Xp 32 vs Xp 64

    Not sure where to put this. I play BF2, FEAR, and STALKER. anyway, I installed XP 64. Im not sure what it is, but it seems slower than xp 32. I have not had any compat problems with any of the game or software. my system is this. Core 2 duo E6600 at 3.0 kingston DDR2 800 at 814(or...
  11. THUMPer

    Kingston Hyper-X PC3200

    I have 1GB kit Kingston HyperX pc3200 Low latency for sale. $100 heres the data sheet - Latency is 2-2-2-5-1 Zip zoom Fly has it for $157. Ill sell mine for $100
  12. THUMPer

    Gigabyte DQ6 no good

    Had the DQ6 for 2 days. Then the USB and Ethernet stopped working. So got myself a refund and got an Asus P5B Deluxe. So if you guys get one of these in to review id like to see it. It was great while i had it.