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  1. Tom Roeder

    Chromebooks - yea or nay?

    I bought the ASUS CM 300 - I think I am going to return it. I bought it mostly because I was curious about a laptop that cheap with awesome battery life. Well, it really is a cream balls what so ever. I kind of expected this, but I bought one anyway. I was considering wiping Chrome...
  2. Tom Roeder

    Half-Life 2 - Who is still playing this timeless classic?

    Like the title says - who? I was only introduced to this game about a year ago and am still addicted. I am a FPS fanatic, and this one may be the greatest of all time, although I do really enjoy the Battlefield games. Thoughts?
  3. Tom Roeder

    EVGA GTX 560 ti Problems, I think?

    Hello all, thanks in advance for any advice. First, a rundown of my specs before my upgrade - MSI 797xx mobo, AMD Phenom II 965 quad core, 8 gb of ram, EVGA GTX 560ti GPU, 500 watt psu. I would come into my office, turn on the monitor - bam, nothing. move the mouse, press num lock...