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  1. BlindMonk

    Topless coffee shop in Maine...

    *joke about cup size here*
  2. BlindMonk

    World's most valuable sports teams?

    Well, a serious guess would be External Memory Interface but I don't know for sure. Hopefully someone who helped come up with the posting tiers will translate. Personally I'd love to be a Coastermaker for as long as Manchester's on that list.
  3. BlindMonk

    World's most valuable sports teams?

    Emergent Machine Intelligence. Congrats on no longer being a Roomba!
  4. BlindMonk

    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P

    Hrm.... Wish I'd waited a tad longer for something like this. Rushed into my current setup mid last year thanks to problems with my previous board and a desire to have something decent in time for QuakeCon. :S
  5. BlindMonk

    Five Incredible Home Cinema Setups

    Well there is this little work of fandom. (As one might expect this "enterprise" bankrupted the poor soul who - bitter irony - looks to share a fate similar to that of the Voyager crew.) Complete aside: the very first username I used was Khugar, pronounced like yours. Folks persistently...
  6. BlindMonk

    Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu - Which is Right For You?

    Well I had meant running virtualization for Windows from within Linux (thus making "The Switch" regarding my primary OS), though you're right considering I'd want to still be able to have solid access to Windows gaming.
  7. BlindMonk

    Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu - Which is Right For You?

    Alright, thanks Rob. I know when I first registered here I planned to go the Linux/XP/etc. dual boot route. And now I'm finally going to do it virtualization seems the more effortless approach. :)
  8. BlindMonk

    Five Incredible Home Cinema Setups

    Ah, this feature reminds me of that Star Trek home theater from a couple years back: More pics and details available here: The novelty is high and the implementation is very good, though I'd never go with a...
  9. BlindMonk

    Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu - Which is Right For You?

    Rob: That Lifehacker bit makes a specific point about OpenSUSE being friendly to virtualization. With your new passion for all things virtual, would you have any input for a good distro to run various Windows? Or is this predominantly about the VM app I use and the hardware of my PC?
  10. BlindMonk

    Antec Skeleton Open Air Case

    It looks like this is essentially a stylish testing platform with a little more hassle when changing components.
  11. BlindMonk

    What is the point of this...

    I'll dock my thumb drives wherever I please.
  12. BlindMonk

    Just ordered the 2408WFP...

    All this recent talk of large LCD's is subverting my financial self-control. Not too long ago my vibrant Trinitron 21" CRT bit the bullet (figuratively) and I've had to revert to a loathsome little Compaq branded 15" . These Dell's pop up in conversation online and my mouth waters. Like...
  13. BlindMonk


    Sorry folks, clear out. Serious business is afoot.
  14. BlindMonk

    Show off your desktop!

    Welcome James (or should I say, Mister Crysis!). I've tried a few too and I'm rarely satisfied with the functionality or layout. What I always come back to at the end of the day are simple third-party msstyles, via the multi-patcher. After applying, just find your theme files (DeviantArt's vs...
  15. BlindMonk

    Show off your desktop!

    For the moment.
  16. BlindMonk

    Happy Birthday Mr. DarkSynergy!

    Ah, I shall now listen to the following in remembrance of this blessed occasion
  17. BlindMonk

    Should We Care About Window 7's Release Date?

    I bet I'll still be using XP. :p
  18. BlindMonk

    Show off your desktop!

    It's not a dual-boot. Check here.
  19. BlindMonk

    Show off your desktop!

    Pressing the "Print Screen" key will capture the screen for you. Go into Paint (or other image editor) and Ctrl+V that sucker in and voila: screenshot, easily saved in a number of different formats. Hey werty, I mentioned this on the previous page: I should also note I notice no slowdown...