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    Playstation 3..... Anyone excited?

    Hey guys, Just sitting here wondering if i should buy the ps3 when it first comes out...there looks to be some sweet ass games for it also .i guess its like "699" or something, and there is going to be problems like with the 360... So any comments or anything would be good.... Hopefully...
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    EVE online

    Hey guys, i was just reading up on EVE online and seen a Ad, "EVE online 15 day free trail NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED" So i went for it. Turns out there is NO SUCH thing at all. and you have to pay. What a total bullshiat ad. Anyone else ever get things like this happen to them before?
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    below 100k

    TG Rank Congrats all Techgage members the site is now below 100k in Alexa. Hip Hip Hurrrrrrrrryaaaaaaaa Hip hip Huryaaaaaaaaaaaa This calls for a few beers..... Cheers all :D!!!!!
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    The Rich Jerk Anyone else come across this site? Or read the words and phrases he uses..... Well if your rich why not show it? Well i came across it from "The million dollar page" Looking at Techgages HUGE HUGE HUGE symbol on there :P jk i just love TG:P
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    Net jobs... i really need something :P

    Yo, this is an attempt to find any info or just any "blah" anyone has to say about an online job.i work at a store "rather not give details" its lame and im sick of it. i just finished a Pc tech course and just looking to find a place to start a job online in that kind of field. if anyone...
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    Logitech Speakers (5.1)

    I just went down to the local store, (Future Shop) and bought the Logitech X-530 set of 5.1 surround sound speakers. Cost me(89.99+tax) 103.98$ (These Speakers fucking rock) If your an average Music player, or just plain like Great qaulity sound for cheap. You would not go wrong if you bought...