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  1. BlindMonk

    ...wherefore art thou Linux?

    So I'm debating in the middle of these here distros. Having not spent even ten minutes with any of Linux's many faces I know something like Mandriva, OpenSUSE, or even Ubuntu would do better in easing me into the operation of the new OS. I can't ignore, however, the incredible allure/challenge...
  2. BlindMonk

    Earth on your desktop (real-time simulator ... not Google)

    This has been circulating the web for a little bit, but for those who haven't seen it... This little program will automatically render a scene of earth from space in real-time. Adjust cloud cover, time of the year, etc., and it has the bonus of looking pretty. There's some other neat...
  3. BlindMonk

    LAN centers and the future

    Due to technology in the home advancing to such a degree, the 80's/90's arcade culture is largely dead or dying. We have our own arcades in our living rooms, usually with a few consoles and a nice selection of fast-action games which don't demand quarters/dollars/cards each time we load. Are...