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    Hey man, Holy gosh your website really took off huh? Good job man, is this basically all you...

    Hey man, Holy gosh your website really took off huh? Good job man, is this basically all you do? This is great. Somehow I was thinking back and wondering if this was still around and it looks like it's going strong. Just typed in techgage in google first result.
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    Never Ending Level Game

    Man, don't let me down Rob, I know you of all people can get MUCH farther then that.
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    Never Ending Level Game

    Thanks man, how far did you make it before you smashed your computer?
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    Never Ending Level Game This is a puzzle like game which currently has 100 levels. But I don't think anyone here is smart enough to beat it. PROVE ME WRONG! So far since I made this game only 3 people have beaten it. -Clarence
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    Boy gets stuck in vending machine

    She should have tried to use the claw to get him out.
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    Tiger vs. Crocodile

    Fine, if not space, then a zero gravity atmosphere that's contained in a giant dome somehow ... with killsaws
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    Better know a district..

    This is the best thing I have ever seen from the Cobert report! Great :D
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    One red paperclip.. done

    A red paper-Clip... interesting... if only you had a blue gear too ;)
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    Tiger vs. Crocodile

    Exactly, it's the environment that will determine the winner. Land = Tiger / Water = crocodile. If they were in space it would be a whole different situation all together.
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    Proof PC's are Evil... Happy Halloween!

    Wow, that is really awesome. Perfect for those people who like to go over-board on halloween.
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    The next big game?

    Doom 4 Bitches!!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!!
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    below 100k

    Congrats man, I knew you could do it!
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    Google: im feeling lucky!

    hahahah so true indeed, Canadapro
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    Google: im feeling lucky!

    LMAO that was great!
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    Hilarious eBay ad

    Damn you E-bay!!
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    Mr. Gear and Clippy Adventures!

    I'm working on it. lol. Soon, very soon. In the meantime you could always watch one of the older series and reveiw it on my forum ;)
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    Would you upgrade your PC for an operating system?

    I basically did, my old computer couldn't handle anything over Windows 98, so I just decided to get a whole new one. I won't upgrade again unless my current operating system gets so out of date I can't do anythign with it.
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    Amazing videos...

    Oh man, this was [bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep]ing GOLD. It had me laughing my ass off man, thanks for posting that. Great, great stuff.
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    Google Maps

    Man this freaks me out. Tryed it a while back, but I only had dial up then. Took forever and my cpmputer sucked as well, almost crashed it. Tried it again recently with my high speed and it was awesome. God, Google is going to take over the world soon.