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  1. MacMan

    OS X is now FREE for ever!

    Incredible, but from today all major updates for OS X is now as cheap as Linux..... it's FREE!
  2. MacMan

    iO7 Update Almost Broke The Entire Internet

    With over 60% of iOS's 700,000,000 devices updating to iOS 7 in less than a week the L.A. Times is reporting that it was so massive that it almost broke and brought down the entire internet!,0,1061098.story
  3. MacMan

    UBUNTU 13.0

    Tomorrow Ubuntu 13.0 will be available for download, and I can't wait!
  4. MacMan

    Whoops.... Google just made another boo boo, or did it?

    After the Safari privacy boo boo, which Google claims was just another innocent mistake, Google, like Brittney Spears, has gone and did it again ..... done the same thing to Microsoft's IE! Did Google really make another mistake, or is Google guilty of deliberately being 'evil'...
  5. MacMan

    US PC Sellers Sell $144 Billion In New Gear

    NDP declares U.S. electronic sales hit $144 Billion for the past year, with most sales generated by PC sales, even though most PC makers are down except for one:
  6. MacMan


    WOW! It seems hard to believe, but as one article noted: WebKit just turned TEN-Years Old! My, my, time flies when your having fun!
  7. MacMan

    Cool Case Mode: The OS/Xbox !

    Below is a YouTube video of a cool OS/Xbox - what some people can do with an old Xbox case is pretty cool, as I stated on my own little-bitty blog. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  8. MacMan


    A Miami company, Psystar is selling a $399 OS X computer called OpenMac. The question is for how long? Base Configuration consists of: 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor 2GB of DDR2 667 memory Integrated Intel GMA 950 Graphics 20x DVD+/-R SATA drive that is Lightscribe-capable 4...
  9. MacMan

    New Safari Tabs!

    As far as Rob lamenting Safari's lacking a "new tab button", I believe, if the Window version is like the Mac version, it's not really needed. Instead of clicking on a new tab icon, with Safari (Mac anyway), all you have to do is go to the preferences and set it up that so that all you have to...
  10. MacMan

    Savant's $35,000 Coffee Table.

    Savant has a very interesting coffee table for you, provided of course, that you can fork over a measly 35 grand. Most people I'm sure have a measly 35 grand laying around the house somewhere, in the cookie jar, sofa cushions, etc.? The table is basically a version of Microsoft's coffee table...
  11. MacMan

    Getting FREE Access to Pay Sites Via Google!

    Can you get a Free Ride via Google? Check out below and find out. "Ever wondered why Google returned search results that lead to sites that require a registration? How did Google index the site without a registration? Many sites want their site indexed in Google to receive more hits, so they...
  12. MacMan


    Sorry, I just couldn't help myself, so here goes a post on the Great Crash of The Web, 2007! With the web down, now what in hell am I going to do? Oh, well, I can always pick my nose for entertainment. (I got to get a life!)
  13. MacMan

    Performing Magic Tricks on a iPhone... Cool!

    Want to amaze your friends by performing some really cool looking magic tricks on your new fangle iPhone? According to the tech report now you can, as can be seen in the video on the bottom of the post. How about brewing some coffee, dispense some extra change or popping yourself some...
  14. MacMan

    Begging for a iPhone!

    Stephen Colbert from Comedy Central is a very, very funny guy as I learned recently from his skit on begging for a iPhone. Click the link for Stephen's hilarious take on iPhone Enslavement...
  15. MacMan

    Google Earth and Strange Sightings....

    If your a fan of Google Earth (and who isn't?) you might be interested in some of the 'Strange' sightings that people have observed using the popular program. How about a jet fighter parked in some one's drive way for example! PC World has the low- down on the following link...
  16. MacMan

    AMD Lies!

    Apparently AMD's is so desperate in trying to keep up with the behemoth that is Intel, that it is now blatantly lying to us by posting false benchmarks for it's new Barcelona processors! See the enclosed article link for more detail information:
  17. MacMan

    Teaching an old computer....

    Is it possible to teach an old computer a new trick? Well, just click on the video and see an old Apple II and the amazing answer!
  18. MacMan

    Chinese iPhone Clone Video....

    As if we were not all sick about hearing about Apple's iPhone, now we have to deal with the copy-cats as in the video link listed below. Ha, ha, they even put a 'flipped-over' Apple logo on it, enjoy:
  19. MacMan


    Safari is now available for Windows XP and Vista! Steve Jobs said that over 500,000 people per day download Firefox for Windows, but over 1,000,000 people per day download iTunes, which, now of course, will include the Safari beta. Safari runs at a little more than twice as fast as...
  20. MacMan

    Custom Laptops........

    Most of the people here, it seems, other than myself, has built a desktop, but I was wondering if any one here has ever built a custom laptop before? Is it even possible, as I'm not sure I ever came across an article on the subject of building a laptop? I plan to build my first desktop, when...